Saturday, 10 June 2017

Bumper Day

Teacher was as good as his word and set off at about 7am today, I was still in bed but as he set off he kindly put the heating on for me, if I am too cold then its impossible to actually get out of bed safely.

I warn you now Reader, only the most hardened and stoic of you will finish this posting.  The trip was NINE HOURS, way way over my limit of good fun.......  but at least it was very sunny.

So today there were three locks to do initially, The Minworth Three, which were easy peasy. 
The canal is pretty wide here, fairly green but definitely urban.

We went past a new housing development with great looking houses, fronting onto the canal, one would suit me nicely as I love living in a narrowboat but good grief, these are narrow!

A hurried view out of the kitchen window this am of a rather nice view 
Very skinny houses in Minworth just built.

On we went the next place of interest was Spaghetti Junction, the road variety, I have not ever been through here knowingly, well when you are on it you have very limited viewing.....
Not today!
Sorry Reader but some of these are in the incorrect order;

See that little wee island?  David hit it.

The birthplace of Birmingham's electricity.

Cyclists past us, nice route to work, but at least no cars.

Junction with the Grand Union to Bordesley Junction then eventually Kingswood Junction.

We had been advised to have reversed 200 metres to moor up at Star City, but we moored two hours early last night.

We had come from Minsworth and were headed for Perry Barr.

Lorries going over almost at he end of SJ.

Eerily quiet too.
Last bit was a tram going over.

This chimney must have had a preservation order on it as the rest of the factory or mill had long gone.

Super cute bottom of Perry Bar Locks cottage, not completely sure if these two were empty or occupied.

David was on lock wheeling duties today as my back was complaining.  A bit breezy so the first challenge was to deposit him on shore, straighten the boat in the wind then the prop had something on it...... easy, gulp.

Perry Barr second lock of 13.

So thirteen locks here, are you keeping count Reader?  We shared them out as my back when it has warmed up a bit likes to do things.

At the top lock we dumped the bin liner in the proper receptacle which is a lot more than a lot of boaters do around here.

Then met another boat, had we of know it would be the last moving boat we would see for five days.  We warned him of a large drift of refuse next to us, well he didn't exactly scoff but......

A large drift of refuse that on thinking about it probably partly collected in two days of high winds.

This section of the canal is called the Tame Valley Canal, long straights good cycle path of course and pretty green.

The last boat we would see moving for five days or so.

Above housing estates.

The very centre of Birmingham in the distance

Arty shots of disused bridge. 

Now  Reader I loved this bridge, its a Turnover bridge as you can see, but it's in the shape of an "H", it begs the question, if you have two tow paths on each side of the canal, why do you need a Turnover Bridge?  Answers by email please.

David got very cross here as I was driving and dived for the camera to take them.

Long, straight and green.

The next junction, Rushall Junction was very close to the M6 and a right turn onto the Rushall Canal and towards the end of our cruise, nine locks to go.

These I know, Lupins.

 No idea what these are but in the hedgerow;

Really clear water

David opens the top ground paddles and the water bubbles up here!!

Yep we took this turn.

Rushall Junction, it was as tight as it looks.

I didn't think he would make this turn, even though all the old working boats did....

So we made it to this summit. Moored at Rushall Top Lock, Longwood Junction.

Today was nine hours, twentyfive locks, no temper tantrums and two immediate naps.

No idea what supper was but there was an early night.

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