Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Back from olidee....

So here we are again, happy as can be, all good fun and "You did pack the wire for my iPad didn't you?"

Some of the Frequent Flyers to this blog may remember that for his 60th birthday 'Tout Les Enfants' gave him a trip to Budapest.  Luckily I was invited and then all the boys came too.  They was much hilarity beer and good food involved plus my favourite; sunshine and about 28 degrees.

So L to R is daughter Koo, me, daughter Verity and her husband Mitch, Peter the guide, Birthday Boy David, daughter Fliss, Bob (boyfriend of Koo) and new son-in-law Leon

We left Cornwall yesterday after attending the wedding of family friends and drove back up to the boat in Cheshire.

David's college friend Rob and wife Heather.  These two have often been mistaken for brothers, no idea why....

We had left WaL at Overwater Marina outside Audlem, jolly friendly and kind people who checked the electricity meter everyday to make sure our £5 hadn't run out.  We would definitely recommend them.

Tea is served and departure made.

After a weekend of great food we weren't really hungry but all the same went and had supper at the Lord Combermere pub in Audlem where we had been so very impressed two weeks ago..... I even managed to choke down one of their chocolate sundaes without much help from David.

We set off this morning well after 9am to go towards Nantwich.  Just as well the canal here was straight as David was taking a while to remember how to steer, there was quite a bit of veering and bending going on before the penny dropped....

Just two locks to do.  At the first one we arrived as a boat was exiting then another appeared coming up and two more behind us going down and another two to come up.  Why is it so busy? I asked
"Because we are on the Four Counties Ring and so are lots of other people too"
Well that was true enough, everywhere we went prior to this week it has been very quiet but now the weather has warmed up and the boaters have woken up too.

This is Barbara, we met at the locks, she confessed she has read the blog.  Extremely lovely to have met you today Barbara, she has a new grandchild born just yesterday, in Australia! 

Barbara breaking out into a run when I got the camera!!

Next years fire wood.

Just past the locks and Nantwich comes into view.  After going past one or two WaL sized spaces, David says well maybe we should moor up here then....?  Wise move as they did all fill up during the afternoon.

So lunch was had and a on a non cook, healthy option basis!
Later David cycled off into town to look for an iPad wire.

Locks tomorrow.

Lunch was salmon fillets and salad with Moroccan rice salad and mixed beans.  All out of packets but delicious.


  1. Audlem to Nantwich is not on the Cheshire Ring -- it's on the Four Counties. So I hope those people were confused about which ring they were on, rather than about where they were going!

  2. Hello Adam,
    I am pretty sure no one is confused except me. Well it did have a "C" in the name! Thank you for your help, David didn't tell me even though he read it.
    I will edit.