Monday, 6 October 2014


So we carried on due south this morning, going along in dappled sunshine coming through the trees.  Every now and again going past the sandstone outcrops. 
Brilliant idea to do with Willow trees that I dislike so.

This canal is really so very very attractive.  David did however point out to me that I might not like it as much if it was winter or cold without the sun…. He always looks on the black side of things.
Round the corner and into Kidderminster.  No shopping to do but I have made a mental note of the precinct here.  They really have done well developing these old buildings on the canal side too many of the old buildings simply fall down let alone be demolished.  A great pity.

A church in Kidderminster above the lock

Below the lock and this whole section has been regenerated nicely.

An old arm bricked up, a few clues to former uses.

I love the mixture of old and new together.

The day was really heating up now and as we approached Stouport we clocked two places to moor.  We knew that we wanted to make an earlyish getaway in the morning as as we had been told that the moorings in the basin are only 24 hours, it seemed a good idea to service the boat in the basin and then moor above the lock to save a bit of time in the morning.  

This we did but blow me down, when I was emptying the lock again the big space had gone, and before David had entered the lock the other space had been taken too.  Actually I did laugh, best laid plans and all that.  So we moored much further along and it turned out to be a good thing as we were in the shade more there.

Here are a few pictures of Stourport.  It has an interesting history of a great trading port but only for a relatively short period of time greatly helped by the canal, but when the river Seven ceased to be used its fortunes sadly declined.

The first of four linked basins connected by locks going down to The Seven

Beautiful listed buildings on the waterside.

Some brick repairs have been done here.

The Tontine, for years left derelict but now converted into super apartments with views over The Seven.

Built as a hotel originally.

Wide lock to go down another narrow lock is around the corner.

Next locks down.
Turned, serviced and headed back up the lock onto the canal again.

Two locks down in the basin and last one to go for this hire boat to the river.

Sat at the Angel pub in the sunshine on the banks of the River Seven, floating pontoons below.

 A lovely day and after a soda water in the pub back to the boat for a skinny supper.

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