Thursday, 16 October 2014

Red Hot Lips

So another fun packed day in Birmingham to be had.  We had been advised by our “Boat Sharers” that we hadn’t gone far enough up the library, in fact you can go up to the 9th floor, so we did and although it was a horrid day and we were in full we weather gear, the weather broke for a while and we got some great views all across Birmingham and into the distance The Isle of Wight I’m sure.

The Cube.  I have heard this described as ugly, but we are liking this very much.

A38 heading to Devon

Major walkway over the A38

Look carefully to see the canal we came in by.

The Birmingham to Fazeley canal can be seen between those blocks of flats.

The blue are escalators and the perspex on the left is the lift to the top floors of the library.

The Library also supplies these fabulous Hot Red Lips Sofas, a young snogging couple were occupying one, so I talked loudly and annoyingly and they departed on cue and we had the lovers sofa…..

Full wet weather gear.

Small route march next northwards to do the Jewellery Quarter.  We just pretty much followed our noses….  I had been given what was to be our last pub recommendation by Nick, The Red Lion on Warstone Lane, as it was lunchtime David was anxious not to miss their lunchtime session and as a Police lady advanced on us I did something no man will ever do …… I asked the way!  I said we were looking for the Jewellery Quarter and she said “Well you are in it so welcome!”  See Reader even the Police are really friendly here.  The lady she was with opened her briefcase and pulled out this months edition of Jewellery Quarter Monthly, with a map and we were commended in our choice of The Red Lion. Good-Oh!
So we hotfooted it there, and Oh Reader they served David’s new Fav beer Bathams (Reader this is pronounced Bay-Hams, yes mad isn’t it?).
Great menu, great decor, great wooden original wooden shelving and draught protectors for the end benches and oh my GREAT food. Spicy pork shoulder with creamy mash and fresh steamed veg. I couldn’t manage a pudding, Reader yes that was me turning down a dessert, almost unheard of.

Come on! No resting lets go to the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.  
A great place this was too, the three family owners retired in the early 1980’s in their 80’s and walked out leaving the workers overalls, account ledgers, tools on the benches, tea cups and marmite on the shelves and here it all is still.  A guided tour here was very interesting, explaining that selling the business was not appropriate as trading at that time is all based on trust, family, workers, skilled craftsmen all part of the is grand set up of trust that would exclude selling the business.  Hard to believe today, but thats how it was then.  The premises were owned by the council, they did sell off the gold but as they carried no jewellery stock, it was all strictly made to order.  The orders went all over the world from here and back in the day, there was no retail sales all wholesale.

Yes this is one.... A gentleman's comfort break place.

Saw her on the way.

So you can see two unmodernised workshops 

Typical buildings here

Many many small shop fronts here, but historically no retail here.

Very trendy area here now

Afterwards, we walked back to The Red Lion for another pint and dessert.

Tired legs, we headed due south, I found some brand new converted apartments HINT HINT David, nice place to retire to… Lots of trendy bars and restaurants hereabouts.

Following our noses and finding The Birmingham to Fazeley canal towpath and then on to Brindley Place, where our boat was.

No supper.


  1. "So even the police are really friendly here".........explain yourself my dear Lisa. I could be deeply offended.

    1. Oh whoops, sorry, that came out wrong.

  2. So glad you went back to check out the view from the 9th Floor. The Shakespeare room is immediately behind you in the photo!

  3. Too busy snogging on the sofa.