Monday, 20 October 2014

Just for a change, rain.

Well today we were to have departed but it was bucketing down again.  Terrifically heavy unrelenting rain.  
David refused to go out, (Obviously I wasn't going to sit out on deck with him as I usually do).  So we stayed in the warm until  12:30pm, so we went to a concert at the Town Hall, to hear the Birmingham City Organist Mr Thomas Trotter, no relation to Del and Rodney.  That was pretty wonderful and I have to say to see the Town Hall was a treat.  It had been closed each time we had passed by and for £6 each it was wonderful.

Marvellously decorated organ

How beautiful is this?

So with just a little tiny bit of time left I thought it an excellent idea of going to the Bull Ring as I had located Selfridges and felt the suitcase hunt could continue there.
When we came out again, it had started to rain again.  We headed back to the boat and by the time we got halfway it was pelting down and so it continued for the next 15 hours or so.

Skinny supper of chicken tomatoes and olives.

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