Monday, 27 October 2014

For god's sake turn left!

Today was a short bit of cruising today around the corner, along a bit, down two locks and into Leamington Spa.  Well this was the plan...

He accidentally almost drove into here, the Saltisford Arm, he missed this turning....

Easy mistake to make and a quick bit of reversing had it sorted.
Leamington Spa proved quite jolly, we got there after lunch and found a branch of Bill's.  Bill's started yonks ago in my home town of Lewes


Actually if you read this link you will see that he started just about after leaving school, (We went to the same school), so we went in and had a platter of delicious dips and toasted pittas plus coffee and two newspapers, all of a sudden we had been there almost 90 mins and thought we had better hoof it.
So away to the museum to see a couple of beauts

This is a Duncan Grant picture, he was one of the Bloomsbury group, Charleston Farmhouse, their  holiday home is world famous and also in my neck of the woods in Sussex.

Lucy Kemp Walsh painted this and David's mum has it on her wall.

Afterwards we did some mooching around some nice classy shops, always such fun. 
Back to the boat for an interesting supper,  sardines whizzed up with up pine nuts and raisins on pasta.  Much nicer than it sounds and next time we'll use two tins of sardines.


  1. You know I adore most of your concoctions - ginger cruch for example but don't ever serve me tonights supper. I am not sure another tin of sardines will improve it at all.

  2. David found this recipe and brought all the ingredients I wasn't that keen, but it was delicious. Mind you, you hate squid don't you....?

  3. Replies
    1. Well then its fresh anchovies then you hate..... Sardines are as nice as fresh anchovies.