Monday, 13 October 2014

First day in Birmingham

 So here we are, comfy shoes on again and the first stop is to The Symphony Hall.  Twice a month they do Guided Tour's of the hall and today we were in the right place at the right time.
The Hall was only rebuilt very recently as the previous hall burnt down in the early 80's.  The two guides spoke at length about the quality of the acoustics here.  A world expert from New York worked closely with the architects making it at the time the worlds best venue for acoustics, this has now been overtaken by two other venues world wide but foolishly I didn't ask the guides which they were.
It was all very interesting I have to say.  Then seeing the back of the huge stage, the dressing rooms, the huge organ and the directors lounge.

The stage and huge organ.

The auditorium.

In the afternoon, we went to the library.  This too is very new and just brilliantly designed.  There was an exhibition on Birmingham and its people in the First World War.  Very interesting and sad.
Then onto the level 5 terrace, the sun had just come out and we looked all around the city.

The Library exterior

The terrace on the fifth floor with perfumed garden.

The Symphony Hall from the library

Home later for a quick supper and then out again to a classical concert at The Symphony Hall.  It was a great programme from The Birmingham Symphony Orchestra with well known pieces and I have to say, everything they said about the acoustics was true, the concert was fantastic.

Forgive the poor quality but this was from my phone.  Its the interior of the Hall so you can see all the floors.

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