Sunday, 12 October 2014

Coming along into Brum

So today was the day finally to push off for Brum, what do we find?  Another horrid wet one.  No point in getting up so I stayed in bed reading.  I stayed in bed reading until 1pm.  Lovely.  
I was partially dressed, that is some items clean ones were on but overall I could be described as undressed, David was dressed and reading in the lounge, I stayed in bed reading at the other end. I had to text him when I needed another cup of.
Finally, we decided that the rain had stopped enough and we were game to make a go of it.
Pins pulled about 2pm.
We were skinning today, hardly surprising really, no breakfast needed or required today after last evening.
So we went or I should say we were already on the Old Line, these canals Reader if you haven't been here are a tad confusing, a bit like that pub the other day with three names some canals appear to be known by two names, but even a pair of Donkey Heads like us have sort of figured it out, but checking the map 76 times and noting the bridge numbers, it all becomes clear.....maybe.

But on we went.  Cold, a bit blowy but 
do-able to a master helmsman like wot I got.
The trip was mixed in scenery, starting in Tipton and passing gardens, later some industrial units then some open scrubby land and blow me down a Kingfisher, just miles from the city centre, I was flabbergasted. The water is surprisingly clear here, I looked down into in and could see swirling yellow leaves dropping down some way.  I am told by an expert in Kingfishers that they like clean water and quietness.  Well, we hardly saw another boat.

Echo's of former centuries

Ancient brick paths over this aqueduct

Junction of two canals both heading the same way.

Shame about the graffiti, bit I love these old bridges.

Then this was a bit of a surprise, the M5.  Going under motorways is a novelty, its almost silent Reader, however, in the approach they are noisy, really noisy.  Threading our way through was kinda fun too. I was looking for any evidence of the old past life of the canal whilst all this 20th Century was all around us.

I learnt to drive in one of these, but not pink

Interesting chimney

Then all of the road madness was left behind and then a quiet heathy cutting, that was long and straight and no more Kingfisher.

Then three modest locks at Smethwick  and then with hardly any further scenery a straight run into the centre of England's second city.  

The info signs tell that these three locks were entirely surrounded by factories.

Ancient bridges but today modern industry.

Love these.

We think these were for collecting Tolls due.

There's a space, jump on it.  Moored up, supper cooking by him and me on the computer checking "What's on in Brum" websites.

Supper was veggie curry as an antidote to all the pies and chips.  Plus fresh fruit and natural yoghurt.

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