Saturday, 11 October 2014

A rainy lazy day

We woke up to rain, lots of it too.  Lets wait a while, five hours later with no let up, we decided to stop.  Besides, we had been given another recommendation from Nick,(Son-in-law-to-be's dad).  
So a restful day spent mostly reading, drinking tea  and fetching the papers then much later we walked to The Park Inn in Woodsutton, (Just up the road from the boats moorings at Tipton)


The pub was cosy, and although when we entered most heads turned to see who these these interlopers were, David was wearing his new Black Country Cap brought yesterday from the museum so he looked the part,  people were friendly, it seemed a lot of people knew each other and greeting passed when new customers arrived. 
I like that.

The beer "Holderns" was very good too.  No pies here, but I am not sure I could have eaten another anyway, but we had food off the specials board, Spicy Pulled Pork in a cob with salad and coleslaw.  The pork simply melted in the mouth.  Too good to be true and was so crazy cheap compared to what we would have to pay for this dan saff.
Glad that we had about a mile to walk back to the boat, what a great supper.
We'll definitely move tomorrow.

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