Friday, 7 December 2018

Mae West famously said...

So yes, Mae West famously said "It's not the men in your life that counts but the life in your men"  and Reader yes this is what Amanda and I have to deal with, anyone know what vitamins we need to buy?

Friday night

Saturday night, might have been the other way around.

So this morning started off with rain, we knew it was going to and Amanda and I had prepared ourselves by staying in bed.  Later after heeding the Lock keepers advice, when asked what time the locks close this time of year he replied 15:30 Oh ok said we all, then he added the caveat that this was the time the locks are locked and that last boat in is 14:45 to give the crew time to get through the ten locks, then he said quietly that you best be here way before then as if there should be a queue you won't get through.... so we decided to get a wiggle on and arrive at 13:00.  Madness I know.

Arty shot heading towards Husbands Bosworth Tunnel (For my Reader in Brazil;  great name isn't it and England is full of them)

I announced that I wanted this for breakfast and was met with a long face BUT there was such a happy discovery under the sofa

Another pretty sprinkling of gold.

This tree was a bit in the way, but we didn't realise how much in the way it was...

It's been walloped several times.

We went on for just over an hour to turn at the Welford Arm. Much to my surprise there was a boat moored up there.  No road access near here either.  

As we made our way back we had a good old snoop at the new Marina that's being completed now at North Kilworth, it looks very nice, or will do when the grass has grown.  We met someone who was involved with the construction, he said they were four years into a nine month contract...

Frequent Flyers to this blog might recognise these moored boats, they have taken up residence along this stretch, they have changed bridges in the last 18 months or so.
A bit more room at least to where they were previously.

First lock going down this time.

I encouraged David Lewis here at this slightly off line lock by calling down to him as he passed underneath not to sctach my boat, he didn't.

Getting down the flight in comfortable time meant that we had time for a drink in Bridge 62, I had mulled wine which was very moorish.

WaL sitting pretty 

Amanda had made a veggie lasagna for us this night and my golly it was DELICIOUS   HERE    followed by apple crumble with custard, well that was a real treat too.

The Lewis's left to get home.  They have work tomorrow and next weekend they are away on a real holiday celebrating this, any guesses as to how many years?  

The next day and David and I popped WaL back to bed and prepped her for winter.  

We hope to have another winter break in the New Year if all goes to plan, New Year in Holland has been suggested too (sorry Netherlands).

Bye for now. 


  1. 30 years?? Guessing by the style of the clothes .

  2. Lisa try viagra. I understand it keeps most men up! :-)

    1. I'm not sure that's the answer Tom, I just want him awake.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Post prandial napping is healthy - or so I tell friends when I need to head home to bed at 8.30pm!
    I do love the Foxton Locks, and I would never buy a mooring at the new North Kilworth marina - have you heard the dogs in the kennels across the canal? They never stop barking!
    The 4 years into a 9 month contract may mean we are not paying enough at Debdale - but don't tell Mike G that ...
    Cheers and virtual hugs, Marilyn
    PS I spoke to Mick this morning about the open window on Waka Huia - he tells me he did shut it when the boat was still in the water. He's going to go back and swap a couple of the panes over to find the better match between catches and holes for them.

  4. Seasons Felicitations Marilyn,
    Nope I can't say I have ever heard the dogs barking but I will stop and listen next time we pass through on the way to Debdale.... interesting, I did like the look of the marina, (it being on the nicest section of the entire system but don't tell anyone!)
    Christmas on the beach for you I expect, enjoy it.... I'm green with envy.


    1. Hi Lisa, We will be within coo-ee of the beach at Waikanae. I expect there will need to be a walk on said beach after Xmas dinner to encourage the food to make good use of gravity...
      We had our mid-summer kiwi Xmas party on the towpath near Welford Junction this last year - a very good event. Perhaps you two should join us next season. It's not quite the same as Xmas on the beach, but it comes quite close!

  5. Great post as usual and very funny including the cast of characters commenting! Wishing you both happy holidays and a healthy and adventurous new year. I am counting on those adventures to satisfy my cruising needs from afar!

    Love Jaq xxx

    1. Dear Jaq,
      Thank you for the nice comments. It was all good fun. This behaviour is most typical for the male farming species. In fact it would be more odd if they stayed awake!
      Good luck Jaq and Bon Voyage xx