Friday, 13 October 2017

Beach week.

It was a sunny day when we jumped into the car and went to the airport.  The plane touched down and just look and see who found us.  

Yes Reader its the Boat Sharers, this pair follow us from place to place.  We thought we'd given them the slip but here they are.  The plane landed, dumped the bags at the house and scooted down the beach. 

White sand, turquoise seas, flat waves and a sweet bar that sells really really good Pina coladas.  
Thank you "Julielynne" for your warning about their addictive quality.  Yes I think you are quite right.

So a fun packed week has gone very quickly with our chums mostly concerned with mornings of dawn swims for some, not me, then sort of chores with doggie feeding and brushing, pool hoovering, deck sweeping then the afternoons filled with beaches, swimming and rum punches.

David Lewis thought it was chilly in the water.

A different day, we were right in the south of the island near Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay, took a hurricane pounding but the bar owner said it was one of the top five beaches in the world.  I would not dispute that claim.

Another day this time down at Nelsons Dockyard.  The only Georgian boat yard in the word.  Restored a few decades ago now sailing boat central  

So very very hot here this day, but a breeze flows through these stone buildings cooling somewhat.

This is hard to photograph but its the two sides of the entrance to English Harbour where Nelsons Dockyard is located.  They built two forts one one each side for protection.  It must have worked as there weren't any attacks.

Part of the fortifications have been lost to the sea here. 

View the soldiers would have had.

Guardhouse built on the premonitory in the C18th, its been restored but....  

The shutters have long gone.

Did I say it was hot here?  Boat Sharers picking out their next holiday accommodation.

Another day and I spotted this through the undergrowth from the road near the house.  I don't believe its a recent casualty,  had the mast stripped, but its been abandoned here on a lovely beach.

Three fabulous Pina Coladas and one beer Julielynne!!

Turquoise seas turn silver.

Well, that's all for just now.  We'll check in again soon.  Only another ten days left for us now......

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  1. Those pina coladas look a very generous size ! Glad it's not just me then !