Wednesday, 4 October 2017

A working life for me

Dear Reader, 
You may remember that last time I said we had a job to do?  Well we have begun and so far it's going pretty well even if it is unpaid.
So we are house sitting for two sweet doggies and a parrot named Molly.  

She is hilarious and says "Come on then!" when she's waiting for her food and "Bloody dogs".  She has long whistling conversations with David as he is her main carer and feeds her twice a day.  Ungratefully she tries hard to peck him.  But allows me to stroke her head and neck.

The Doggies are two middle aged Jack Russells and both have been a bit poorly recently but they have sparked up and I think they are happy in our care.  

We used to have a Saint Bernard when our children were young, so we do know all about dogs.

Oh didn't I say where we were.....?  Well we're in the Caribbean for a month, Antigua to be precise.

We had been very much looking forward to this but as you will remember hurricane Irma appeared out of a clear blue sky hotly followed by Maria.  The colly wobbles set in a bit, not knowing quite what would be here if anything.   

Irma has wiped out almost every house on Antigua's twin island Barbuda,  which is only about 27 miles away to the north and Maria passed by about the same distance to the south causing much damage but leaving Antigua pretty well unscathed.

So if you are considering coming to the Caribbean do so.  
Not only is much of the Caribbean undamaged and strikingly beautiful but the region needs all the tourists available, plus the beaches are rather special.

Like to see a few photos?  Okay then if you twist my arm.

Early morning exercise class 

A bit of zoom, but the view from the front porch #nofilter

Doggies Monty and Puddles.

This tree in the garden has Humming Birds all day, far too zippy for me to catch so far on film.

So below I am pretty sure is a Frigate Bird.  Amazingly they fly between here (Barbuda)    HERE     and the Galapagos Islands so I don't know what your geography is like but that means flying over South America and a fair chunk of ocean.

Frigate Bird, a wildlife first for me

So this was today's beach

We went to this beach today.  There's a fair choice of one a day, not just for the almost month that we'll be here but for the year, yes 365 beaches.....    HERE   Swimming is a bit of an over statement, its a bit more like bobbing, yes we bobbed about for an hour or so and then went to have a very leisurely lunch which included rum punches, actually I think they are obligatory.

Lunch was chicken caesar salad then creole shrimps (That prawns to me).


  1. I can't believe you are doing this unpaid !

    1. Yes unpaid Nev. We are very generous people to donate our services today.

      Lisa with a big smiley face on.

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