Saturday, 23 September 2017

Watford Locks

Sunshine!!!  How lovely, I am very fond of sunny days.  We arrived at Watford Locks after completing the polishing.  

There has been an almighty scratch down three quarters of the boat and on her last visit, Amanda retrieved a bottle of red T Cut from under the sink, The Boat Sharers had brought it sometime ago where it had remained undetected.  

So I worked on the horrible scratch and oh my how well it has come up.
A medium wait at the locks of two hours in total but I used the wait to make scones.  

I also chatted to Sue from NB Midnight Owl who was kind enough to say she read this blog, she gracefully declined the request of a photo.

The top lock of Watford flight.

We actively discussed which mooring to take, just past the locks are wonderfully sunny all afternoon cosy slots that we have looked at several times but never stopped at, today was no exception.  Shall we?  Shan't we? You decide.  We will if you want to....
Finally we jointly said that we would enjoy the last gasps of boating in the last gasps of sunshine of this summer.

This naughty doggie had crossed over into a sheep field, I looked and looked but couldn't see a farmer or a dog walker and he didn't chase the stock, great expression on his face though.

Just look at that sunshine... and his handsome face of course.

I'm really mad I didn't move the tonneau wooden stick from shot, but had we of moored up these would have been the views.

So we arrived at Crick as is our habit in late summer.  After doing the tunnel and its heavy drips of water with a white residue we stop here for a roof scrub.  

I was much amused that on this lovely sunny Sunday while the cafe here was busy doing good business after a bit of an iffy summer, they saw fit to allow the land equivalent of their  poo tanks emptied alongside their customers.
What could be nicer?  It smelled too unsurprisingly.
Ice-cream anyone?

So roof finished, so we pushed on through Crick and moored up at my favourite places, Bridge 22.  Because I always want to stop here and watch the Hares who live in the field opposite, that we don't stop on those nice meadows but maybe in the spring, if its sunny when we pass by.


Disappointment today as the field has already been worked and the Hares have no cover...  but we did see Kingfishers yesterday.

Hares field.  I told David that by spring he has to cut back all those weeds so I can watch the hares from the boat, this shot taken  standing on a seat on the deck

Fab Favs

I have to buy a smaller scone cutter, currently I am using a wine glass but it make HUGE scones.....

Supper was sausages wedges and french beans (Scones were pudding but had before supper).


  1. Now Lisa, no apologies please for scones before sausages - as garfield says 'life is uncertain, eat dessert first'. This has never been truer than in there post Brexit, Trump days. So scones first, every time, I say!

    1. Well Marilyn I think you are correct, however in this exact case it was more greed that drove the decision.....