Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Indian rope trick, without the rope!

Well after a bit of gloom but at least rain at nights, just look at today.  
We started nice and early before anyone else was awake and troublesome and started the Atherstone Flight, eleven locks in all.  From our direction i.e. heading south, the bottom locks are well spaced out so I rode on WaL in-between locks. 

I met a very nice lady and we chatted about her hand knitted jumpers she made, sadly her favourite one her husband loathes.  My mother is a great knitter.

First lock going up the flight.  Oh my word what lovely blue skies.

An overhanging tree has dropped these colourful apples.

David perfected this very old Boatman's Trick along here.  We had seen it done when we were very new boaters and were impressed, then we had modified the trick, I then called it The Indian Rope Trick when I took it and ran up the steps, we did that sometimes in double locks, but today it all went swimmingly;

WaL comes in.

Get ready......

Perfectly slow the boat so it almost stops.

Don't fall on the steps.

Shut gate for wife.

It was a very easy run through the locks without any hitches, a few boats came towards us saving turning locks 
(Emptying them) and when we got to the town proper there were seven volunteer lockkies on today, one making the tea, one painting and five helping with the gates and they are a marvellous bunch.

Soon we were on our way south towards the pretty moorings at Hartshill, normally busy but today empty but by teatime two other boats had joined us.

The afternoon was spent washing the boat in the sun, then as the forecast said no rain tonight David left off the Tonneau cover.  Of course it poured and the Met Office were slated again....

The prettiest of all stretches on Coventry canal

Purpley sky before it poured

Supper was roast chicken with salad and sweet pots wedges


  1. Hi Lisa, twenty questions about sweet potatoes … do you peel your sweet potato or just scrub the skin and what gas mark do you cook them on and for how long and are they crispy when done? I’ve been peeling mine and cooking them on a high regulo but they are usually end up a bit mushy!

  2. Ok, two schools of thought here Carol. We NEVER peel them, son-in-law slices them into finger thickness long shapes, he puts them in a bowl, tosses them in oil and sprinkles on paprika and into a hot oven.
    I like wedges, oil over and pepper in the top. I think in restaurants they deep fry them to get them crispy.
    ps I never scrub them either, just slice them and cook them.