Thursday, 14 September 2017

Stormin' into Brum

The drizly rain finally stopped, and we pushed off.  We wanted to be in Birmingham, just for one night, simply passing through.  
The weather proved guess-able so dosing Amanda up with fresh expresso that she normally neither requires or drinks on we crept.  
This part of the Worcester to Birmingham is a bit 
'Deadly Dull'  neither interesting or scenic to my mind.  But we had a giggle on the way.

A phone call to my handsome godson found that he happened to be in Birmingham for an exam today, further investigation showed him to be enrouté so we pulled over and picked him up.  Max is Amanda's son, her youngest.  He is attending Birmingham university studying engineering, he's no idiot.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, first stop, water up and boat-wash stop.  David now wears all over protection after several times I have soaked him and he has had a sense of humour failure. 

The mooring was full of dratted Canadian goose poo here so it had to be washed first, I hate getting poo on yer ropes.

Selfies Forever.

Then quite a long boring run into the city centre.....

Deadly Dull

Amanda took this while standing on the roof for me.

Lovely boy.

Pity I can't remember what Max said this was.....

But in the background there is a very tall tower, especially tall and special.

This silver thing is a walk way I think from part of the uni campus to another...

More green tunnels then around a corner you are in the city centre - see below

This is either The Cube or The Box Works or The Mailbox, I like it no matter what it's called.

Cute water bus buzzing around.

Maybe this is the Box Works, but there's a Tesco that sells milk in there.

Not ancient but old warehouses.

We moored pretty much here...  Max, knowing his mother and Godmother well, googled Gin Bars, there was a cracker right here.

Gas Street Basin.  No visitor moorings in there but I love the old and new buildings all around here.

More old and new, the swirly flowered building is the New Library, all a stones throw from the canal.

Edge of Gas Street Basin.

See the old bridge behind?  That would have been a factory entrance in centuries gone by.

 So here is where we ended up, shamefully early in the afternoon, in an odd looking door but was the Gin Bar with 140 gins.  It was a hard choice, but I plumed for Rhubard and Ginger gin, then I had another.....   HERE   yes you too can have it, follow the link.  

Well sadly Max had to leave us early owning to a hot date back in Bristol.  Amanda David and I went to a gourmet burger bar on the water front and had to waddle back to WaL.

Great gins server here.

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