Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Lots of favourites

Have you ever caught your husband doing something which alarms you?  

Well I did today, see the photo below.  See he has the instruction book out?  Goodness only knows where he found that.  The next photo was of him standing on a white box with DO NOT STAND written on it.  Thankfully David Lewis is going to check over everything in the winter......  

Danger man at work

So we left my favourite mooring and pushed on, suddenly there was that unmistakeable sound of a vintage engine, then another and another.
Finally the penny dropped, it was the Monday after the Foxton Boat Festival and they were all making their way home afterwards.

So here they come, thick and fast.... 
(some shots are fuzzy phone shots)

So Frequently Flyers to this blog may remember that we stop and talk to Peter every time we see him.  Peter is 86 now, is out on his boat every week in a long season only going back home to his daughter for the winter months.  He's an avid reader, plane and bird spotter... If you see him stop by and say hello.

Very youthful Peter

I've been looking at trad back boats this summer and I have to say that I'm not super impressed with the co-pilots seat

We usually stay out a few weeks longer but this year we have a job of work to do so WaL goes to bed early.  (More of the job later) But usually we see tremendous autumn colours but this year they haven't really started.  But here are the best of what I saw.

Did you see that water displacement?

I think these are sloes.  One year David and I made about six litres of sloe gin, nurtured it, stirred it and finally tasted it after about four months and hated it....  

Pretty good reflection.

Only spot along here with a clear view across Leicestershire.

Rookie Lockie, here he is winding up the wrong paddle!

The correct paddle.

Love this shot but its fuzzy.

 Our mooring this afternoon.  

Bish Bash Bosh off to our favourite Italian restaurant Boboli in Kibworth Harcourt, a short car ride away

Afternoon mooring a short hop from the bottom of Foxton Locks

Menu study in the last gasp of sunshine.

Supper was simply wonderful;

OMG prawns, broccoli, roasted tomatoes and chilli starter

The owners mother's lasagna, layers of thin ham.  Divine.

Tiramisú and a glass of white port!!

WaL when we got home.

So the next morning bright and early we popped WaL into Debdale Marina and only two and a half hours later drove home where we have been a few days now.

So that's all for boating this year I think at the moment, but we do have a job to do.....  We arrive at a house in 48hrs time to care for two wee dogs.  I have to say I have had many thoughts on this from joy to heartbreak but we are going.   

It was me that convinced David to do this way back in March. He was unsure but the day is almost here so I'll tell you all about it very soon.


  1. I do wish so much that we had managed to get together this season, Lisa.
    We are at Kilby Bridge and heading towards Foxton tomorrow to have an overnight with our grandsons.
    Have a safe and peaceful winter.

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      Yes it was a pity but er have been home a week now so we missed you by miles.
      Any plans for next year yet? We are looking forward to hearing all about the Motorhome capers,
      Spring will soon be here!!!!
      Lisa x

  2. A lovely reflection shot.
    A few drops of almond essence works wonders on Sloe gin, making it very palatable indeed.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. Hello Kath,
      Longtime no chat. Thank you for that hint about sloe gin. I might tell someone else but the hours we put into picking the bloody things, pricking them and general fannying about has put me right off.
      Our youngest took a bottle every now and then until they have all disappeared. I have just discovered Rhubarb and Ginger gin in Birmingham. I'd ordered a bottle even before we left the Gin Bar,

      Lisa x

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