Friday, 15 September 2017

Delightful Farmers Bridge

Up very early today, Amanda and I had a quick cup of tea delivered in her bed for a change then action stations, up and dressed.  We untied the ropes before 8am and away, creeping past all the moored boats. 

Amanda and I make a speedy and slick lock operating team and we wanted to be the first down the Farmers Bridge Flight.   We had it in the bag. 

This posting is a bit of a picture gallery of the three flights we did today so that I don't forget too much.

So this is the very old pub, alongside the Worcester Bar

Water supply was a major problem and a source of conflict with connecting canals.  At first the Birmingham Canal and the W&B were physically separated by what was known as Worcester Bar, but in 1815 they agreed a compromise whereby the two canals would be linked by a lock, with the W&B paying a compensation toll for all traffic passing through.

I stole the above quote from a CART webpage

Worcester Bar

I think the City has done a wonderful job in preserving some of the old buildings around the canals.  There were clearly many more but they were built cheaply out of cheap materials so its great that as many as there are have survived to the C21st.

Vintage boat against a period building against a modern carbuncle, actually its quite a nice carbuncle.

Dressed for a chilly start but Amanda and I soon started shedding layers.

old bridges remain

Great gin bar door on the left  hand side......

I have it on good authority that Bill Clinton went in this bar for a pint on a visit, but I can't remember who the "Good Authority" was, was it you John or Leon?

Boaters Roundabout here, caused an fair bit of quick discussion as to which side we should go around it.  In the end the Capt decided on the left side and did a very good job.

To the Left is Wolverhampton and to the Right eventually is Fazeley where we are heading.

Around she goes.

Where we have come from, David has done most of those locks, bless him.

And into Cambrian whalf.

First Lock 

This flight is really fascinating all the way down.

BT Tower

Three locks down and we meet a boat in front of us, a single hander and of course going down.
The little darling let us go in front of him, by way of a thank you David gave him a bottle of beer and Amanda and I lifted the paddles on the top gate for him as we went.
Everyone was a winner!!

Nice chap letting us pass him.

Some of that modern arty farty writing that so enrages some Boaters

Another old bridge into a former siding...

This is what was behind the fencing.  Kept the original warehouse surrounded by modern flats.  What would the old Boatmen say about it????

Not sure I would want to live over water on stilts with no direct sunshine all day.

Doors in bridges

Doors in bridges

Someone clever please tell me why they had doors in bridges?

Amanda got warm, but look on the left, I would imagine it was a wee toll house or watchman's hut, let's look inside.....

Well he'd be warm at least...

 Along a bit and around a corner and there was a choice of route, a fumble for the map, Amanda and I jumped off to get the top lock ready, it was on a bit of a bend and then hilarious, we both had taken our jackets off with our candle keys in the pockets of the jackets..... 
How David laughed as he manoeuvred WaL into position to pass the keys over.
Amanda and I DID laugh.

The Aston Flight

Marilyn Monroe and Bridget Bardot, 

Rope marks from boat towing, echoes of history.

Fabulous name

 David went inside to make lunch leaving us two in charge....  I have new sunglasses, do you like them?  I haven't worn them much since.

This picture below was moments after we watched rats feeding on dropped bird seed at the bottom of a garden.

A few more locks, The Minworth locks, there we for a terrific downpour, Amanda, I and several civilians sheltered under a bridge, David had to self fend.

Our mooring tonight.  Fab.


  1. Don't you just love Google...

    1. Thank You Kevin!! I had thought of some wild ideas, but none so simple and brilliant as that.


  2. The gin palace door is on the left Lisa, I wonder now how you every found it, thinking it was on the right! (lol) Also what is a candle key please? x

    1. Hey Carol,
      My daughter saw our attire and said Gin Bars are no place for Boaters Fleece, I replied that at that time of the afternoon, only us Boaters were there! A little shameful, but I had brought a bottle of the Rhubarb & Ginger fine online before we had left the bar.


      I read the blog through twice before pressing Publish, still didn't see "Candle" should have read vandle.

    2. Errr I am so bad at Left and Rights that I still didn't make that connection. Now corrected, and thank you!!!!!