Sunday, 4 September 2016

Time to go.....

So then we are approaching the end of our time in Bugsworth.  I expect you are wondering how we have managed to stay this long.....?  Well the strictly 48 hrs rule is now extendable, this is by making a donation to the Basin's  Heritage fund.  It is an extension by agreement with the lady in residence there, its not a right. 

Written permission to stay.

We walked today, we were going to cycle but in the end we walked, and I was quite glad as the path we followed was a quagmire in places.  We followed the old basin tramline from the basin for several miles 

I wasn't expecting to see this black swan along the way either

Then made it into a circular walk coming back through Chapel Milton, Chinley and then Bugsworth village.  Actually today it's called Buxworth.  This is because in the 1920's, the vicar and the schoolmaster got together and started a campaign to have the name changed from BUGS which they felt had somewhat undesirable connotations.  What they didn't realise at that time was that the name came from Norman times   HERE  and is/was one of the very few places in the country that was named after a person, the vast majority of people are named after the places they came from, (Read that twice to get my drift).  Anyway, the Basin itself retained its name although not the ancient spelling.
In the pub are these of photos.  Forgive the poor quality of photos of photos. 

Pub, The Navigation.Clearly in view are other buildings of the village, today all hidden by trees.

Again the pub and view beyond of the tramline.

Pub and tram wagons outside.

Pub from the other side with view towards Eccles Pike.

Pub today. Surrounded by trees.

All the above was told to us in the pub, The Navigation, after we had returned form our walk, by a little old man, dressed in walking attire and boots, oh Reader, little old men in pubs are also filled with vital information I must say.  He told us too that one of the best view points was yes, just over our shoulder up there!!  He was not wrong either.  We had a wonderful supper in Whaley Bridge at Zayka  HERE thank you again for all your brilliant recommendations Steve and Denise from NB Riverside Escapes, we have really enjoyed each one.

We were leaving the next morning, but it poured so we didn't.  Instead leaving the departure till 3pm.  But first we went to Eccles Pike, the view the little old man had told us about.

View SE

View N Buxsworth and Chinley.

View almost to Whaley Bridge

Protctive clothing against fierce sun.

Back to the boat and off we went.  The rain had stopped and it was almost sunny.  Well almost.

The run was straight forward and without incident.  We had spotted a fab mooring about half way to Marple.  It was almost on a lock landing but it wasn't.  We pulled back and put the nose just onto the armco and the backside staked leaving room for about three medium boats on the landing.  
This is the view.

Worth the fiddle to moor up here.

Tonneau cover on and as regular as clockwork, more rain. We had a quiet night in, although David jumped up and out to clean the cratch cover from bottle green to black again.  He does this in very heavy rain.

Blurred due to monsoon.

Next morning rain was due at 11am, the BBC promised at 11am so David suggested that we cycle to Marple and have a look at the locks before it started.  This is our second trip to The Peak Forest Canal but we have not turned the other direction at the junction and gone towards Manchester.

A pretty ride, with breathtaking views all along.  I hope the locals appreciate the immense beauty here....

Restored buildings

Horse tunnel past a lock

Wee walk-way-bridge

Leafy attractive pounds all along.

Yep, I like this one alright.

Marple aqueduct from the easterly end with the River Goyt down below.

and from the westerly end

The aqueduct here is quite spectacular.  We pushed the bikes along and on the other side yep, ages early, it rained, now not just southern softie rain that I am used to but real hard nut  northern rain that wets you thoroughly.

I asked a lady with one of those Oh! so fashionable dogs, a Cocker-poo where the nearest Costa was, she knew of course and directed us but said that there is an independent cafe too.  I didn't need telling twice and we went without hesitation to HERE  "All Things Nice" and what a grand shelter from the rain it was.  We joined all the other customers dripping on the mat to get a table.  So they sell great drinks, cakes, bread and cheeses along with masses of other things at their deli counter.
I had this and then shared it as it was so big.

I felt much better after Eggs Benedict.

We cycled back to the boat, still raining and had hot showers on arrival and much later we departed and cruised to the junction, turned onto the Macclesfield canal then on down to High Lane.  Bish bash bosh onto a nice bit of armco and
snuggled down.

Supper was some of the cheeses we brought from Marple.  Ever tried Peakland Blue?   HERE  divine.

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