Monday, 12 September 2016

Mitch is in church??????

So last night finally we moored up only five or six locks from Middlewich.  So today was a breeze.  Today no one about and lovely and sunny.  We set off to avoid all the boats we had overtakes afternoon....
I was on duty and looked around for Mitch?  Gemma said he's over there in church???????
WHAT?  You must be joking, but no, these Kiwi's are most truthful.  Mitch was playing Pokemon Go all weekend,  (Its a Boy's thing), you get extra points for walking and finding things, Mitch spotted a prize way over two fields and was gone like a bat out of hell over a hedge or two to boot, he was back like a bat out of hell too having caught his whatever.  
The game thinks that he is walking long distances while he was cruising too so he evidently hatched a few eggs as well.  That is the limit of my Pokemon knowledge.

So we all know that "Wich" is ancient for Salt don't we?  Nantwich, Middle and others.....  Well here is some salt or salt like product that is still produced here just south of Middlewich.
Fair bit.

Yes that white cliff is salt or something very like it.

We filled up with water at a water point right on the Junction, who places these water points?
The three of them left us to go food shopping, well for extras really; chocolate, gin, bresaola, rocket, tonics and parmesan cheese amongst other things.  More food to stuff into the fridge....
They found us again even though we had moved the boat in their absence.  What's App is frightfully useful.

We continued on in the warm sunshine along the Middlewich Arm towards Nantwich.  This vintage boat was "Broken down" but moored mostly on the lock landing.  Making it a trifle difficult for another 70' boat to use the lock landing behind it....

Nice boat, it had a hand written sign on the back doors saying it had broken down which another boater had defaced...

Verity and I had done this last lock of the day, so Mitch and Gemma sat in the cratch in comfort.  I like the flaps down in locks having had water spurts across the cushions in the past, they duly shut them but almost passed out with heat stroke in the process!

Now you remember me telling you that Mitch has very jumpy legs?  Well, he got a bit twitchy during the afternoon, so all of a sudden was up on the roof lying in the sun..... all went quiet then as I was at the back with David, all of a sudden, he jumped up, leapt onto a wooden footbridge, ran over it, and jumped back down as nimble as a gazelle, what he didn't see was immediately after the footbridge was a pipe bridge which could have taken his head off, but no he quickly ducked.  All this and so quickly there was no photo evidence.

Moments after the bridge jump

We have seen two boats so named, but she didn't know any other Verity's at school.  She was named after Ross Poldark's cousin Verity from Truro if you are wondering.

Bit fuzzy

Don't know what the pink is but the wee orange one is Mimmimus (Is that right Debby?)

Looks like a hop to me

Happy crew

Our mooring tonight.

They are great company to have along as the three of them are stupendous card and games players.  We were taught "Exploding Kittens" which is brilliant, "Saboteur" and "Hearts", I lost heavily each round but I can't wait to play again

Card Sharks

Gin; this one with raspberries and basil

Ooooooo how good does that look?

Bresaola starter with rocket and parmesan

 I am informed that Hipster Bars as frequented by young beautiful creatures are enjoying gin, tonic and a squeeze of grapefruit, which does go down very nicely indeed.

Supper was steak, salad and sweet potato wedges followed by lemon tart and extra thick cream, followed by coffee and chocolate.
I like having guests.


  1. Hi Lisa, your pink flower is the Great Willowherb Epilobium hirsutum. I first learned it as Great Hairy Willowherb, which is better, and Codlins-and-cream, which is better still though I don't remember how I know that. It's a weed in our garden, I enjoy the flowers but have to pull it up before it seeds.
    PS the orange one is Mimulus

  2. Thank you Debby,
    You are happy to be my botanical consultant aren't you?