Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lucky Devils we are.

We set off today at about 10am, David got back from car retrieval and had breakfast in the cratch, as we sat there, several boats went past us.  The next stop from here is really the two swing bridges and then the Bosley flight of twelve locks down.  So to non boaty Readers if you see a bunch of boats go before you to many locks, then you know you are going to be following them down the flight and turning each one, some people would then say that there are twenty-four locks to be done.
Well we set of hurriedly following the convoy in-case anyone else departed in front of us.

The sun was shining and I started to feel hot already.  Its a pretty run along this section, banks of flowers and reeds, houses are set well back and, well I like it.

Then the last two boats we had passed us when we were moored, were parked on the side, I didn't see anyone around, but secretly we were pleased to be in front of them.  

Around the next corner was a boat pulled right up to the swing bridge.  (Now this bridge I had trouble with coming along.  I almost had to call my son-in-law beefy Leon out to help but in the end it suddenly did go for me and a single handed boater going the other way), this time the single handed boater, who was a different chap, was the one having trouble. When I arrived his boat was unsecured, in gear pushing against the bridge, at this swing bridge there are not any bollards on the off side as there should be, so I went quickly to help.  I think he had been there sometime as in his discombobulation and general bafflement, was pushing with all his might..... the wrong way with the lock still locked.  

Together we did it, and even with both of us its not easy.  But I sent him back to his boat and I would shut it, then as he was passing by I realised that in the bridge locking mechanism was his key!  I called out him that at the next bridge I would give him back his key.  Suddenly just as David and WaL came through there were the two NB's who had pulled over, of course I waved them through, but called out jokingly to a lady crew that now I understood why they had pulled over, to avoid doing the maddening bridge!  But then I pointed out that the first boat in the convoy now didn't have a key and wouldn't be able to operate the next bridge....

Later, we arrived at the swing bridge, it has traffic lights, a barrier and many passing cars to find the single hander demanding his key from the other two boats and the lady I had joked with operating the road bridge.  The two boats who are friends and were travelling together waved us through so now back into second position.

We arrived at Bosley Locks.  There had been a problem earlier in the day and that had resulted in a drained pound.  From our experience two weeks previously we knew that problems do occur here....  

The single hander surprised us by saying he was going down, David told him we would help when we could,   but we had both thought and hoped that he would moor up and enjoy the sunshine...

The two following boats both wanted water so dropped back and filled up.

We waited for a boat to arrive up from the flight.  When the captain arrived he declared that the last two locks had taken four hours and he was thoroughly p***** off.  Not much you can say to that really.  The single hander went in.  David had faffed and faffed about water, now as he went down a shout came that another boat was coming so we had to wait,  we too filled with water while we waited.

Our turn and as David descended someone said "Are you Lisa from What a Lark?"  Yes I said and turned to look up, it was Paul from Manly Ferry    HERE.  

A blog I have followed for ages but we had never met before.  I knew he was stopping in the Bollington area, further down the canal, but I have to say its a surprise to see standing in front of you someone who's life on you have followed but I am very sad not to have met Elaine.  
So pleased you said spotted us today Paul, Bombo and Sammie and we both wish you well in the future.

Paul with The Boys,  Elaine's beloved Bombo and Sammie

Well we continued down the locks and talk about Lucky Devils, every lock had a boat leaving it.  That is to say that out of twelve locks and following a single hander down, I only had to prepare two locks, this was because of the hold up, it had created a traffic jam, all in our favour. 

It was a blissful day in sunshine with happy people all around and I loved it.

Boats crossing.

And another

"The Cloud" in the distance

Almost down

Now I am not passing judgements but did you look at these photos above?  If yes then look here  READ THIS  Its something we all should consider.

Chairs out, kindles at the ready, naps taken and gin sipped.  A fab day.  Later, the two boats arrived down, equally happy crews and it transpires that one of them NB Two Lazy Bee's is form Debdale Marina like us!

I really took this for David Lewis, a man who is always in my thoughts and loves tractors

Amazing to have two like named boats moored together.

Now this REALLY is the smallest boat I have seen, unless you know better....?


  1. The chap in the photo is probably more in danger of having his top off .

    1. Sharon, did you mean his head or his chimney?

  2. We do enjoy the Bosley Locks and did them 3 times with our grandson a couple of years ago - his first season as a lockie at 9 years old. And we loved the mooring below the locks - such lovely views off to each side.
    We are missing being on the boat, but the West Coast of the South Island of NZ is also beautiful - snowing up at the mine site today, my team tells me...
    Cheers, Marilyn

  3. Dear Marilyn,
    What lovely memories you keep hold of with your grandson. I shall remember the sunny day too as being just simply lovely.
    It can't be long till you are arriving in the UK now? I hope we have an Indian Summer for you. Got boating plans in place?
    Lisa x

    1. Hi Lisa, Just a 4 day hire on the Wey in the last week of October - the grandsons' Scottish school holidays, the first week of which we are taking them to Disneyland Paris.
      Are you guys going to be around in late Sept/early October for a visit from us? I am sure I ought to be bringing you something from the West Coast - can't think what, unless it is a steak, bacon and cheese pie from the Regent Cafe in Hokitika ...