Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A rogue jumper

A longer day for us today, we started early and left the marvellous helpers in bed.  
Pretty soon there was a hot air balloon in the sky.  I love to see them but I certainly never want to go up in one.

The canals seem very quiet now, a few boats we passed but only a few.  Lots of available moorings in Nantwich too.

David took this at dawn of WaL of the Llangollen junction.

And on the way to Nantwich.
Space age techno lawn mowing by remote control.

Little bit of marital strife going on.

Don't try this....

Or this....

There is a video of Mitch doing this but I was unable to post it.  He cleared it by miles, he should have been in a circus.

We carried on and arrived at Audlum in the afternoon.  A boat in front of us and I witnessed the laziest boating I have ever seen;

So the crew person turned the lock and opened one gate.

The driver approached the lock

Lots of revving 

and the captain pushes his way in

Then amazingly the crew jumps the gates and closes them.  They are liveaboards so they are allowed.

We did the whole lot of locks and moored up so that we could drop them back to Crewe in the morning.
It has been great fun this summer having all daughters in turn coming on the boat.  Ironically, last year when we went down the Grand Union and up the Thames, none of them visited but this year miles and miles away from London, they all come.
Supper was chicken salad and David made a peach surprise.


  1. Ramming the gates open is another of those 'should be reported to CRT' felonies, I think, Lisa!
    And I remember our son Tim doing the jumping across the empty locks a few years ago - had to close my eyes ...

    1. Marilyn I was appalled and incredulous. She could have step over the gates to open them but just stood there. They were young, but it begs the question, why are you boating?

  2. I agree with Marilyn Lisa. Its people like that boater that cause lock gates to leak badly. The boat gunnel cuts a grove in the lock gate edge causing the gate to allow water to pass between the gates and worse could knock the gate off its bearing.

    1. Steve,
      You are right and I am sorry I didn't take their number. Keep a lookout for me, the boat has teddies strapped to the roof and a weatherbeaten long fabric snake on the roof.
      I have the photos already!!!

    2. I believe I've seen that boat a few times so will look out for it.