Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A days outing

This is the view from the kitchen window today.  The forecast was more of the same too.  The car was nearby so we walked to it and passed by a boat coming down the last of the locks.  The middle-aged man dropped a paddle BANG right next to us, David remonstrated with him, pointing out that this action results in broken paddles.  He was most abusive and seemed to think that because we were from the south, our opinions counted for nothing.  Indeed he went on to point out that he had been treating paddles in this manner for 25 years and had never broken one yet.  So that's alright then.

Off we went to visit some great properties in the area.  

The Cloud is there..... somewhere.

 Here we are at Biddulph Grange Gardens.   HERE.
So glad we made this trip here as recommended by son-in-law Leon, who is a local to this area of the North Staffordshire Moorlands.  
Very attractive Victorian gardens created by a most enthusiastic plant collector spurred on by his wife.  

View of the Italian sunken garden from the terrace.

The house, which has been sold off now into private apartments.

Now this had us guessing.....

Something from outer space

But after asking a local, we were told that it's a Stumpery, first one I have ever seen.  Gathered stumps and placed in position, Big Fat Wow.

The Japanese pavilion

My fav.

We walked the woodland walk and stood in awe at the Californian Red Woods, David called me sniffy about the Dahlia collection, but I loved the Acers and maples in the Japanese garden.  Well worth a trip.
We didn't stop for coffee here but hurried on to the next one;

Little Moreton Hall.

A gem of heritage 

 This one is easily accessed from the Macclesfield canal if you are passing, a short walk across two or three fields.  

It was very busy today considering the horrid weather.  The info says the hall owes its survival to the fact that the family were wealthy and had an eye on improvements and generally being flash with the cash.  As soon as a neighbour had a new wing, Little Moreton Hall had one too.  Its a bit wonky in places today to to its being built on marshy land.  But a gem none the less.

How fantastic that Richard Dale's work is admired today still.

View down the garderobe, bit draughty in winter me thinks.

We didn't stop here for refreshments but got back in the car trying to avoid the puddles and went to the next one.  I had noticed this on in the handbook and was frightfully pleased when David said yes we can fit it in.  

Nether Alderley Mill
HERE  Now I am sorry to say that I didn't take any photos of this one, we drove up and hopped on the last guided tour of the day so it was all a but quick but also very dark inside.  So here is a link to inter web photos for you.  

The mill is terribly old in fact David thinks he heard that there has been a mill on the site for 600 years.  But its a stunning piece of work, fully restored and had us totally fascinated.  Go visit, the guides are brilliant.

We wanted some refreshments, so nipped into Alderley Edge.  no sushi but a Costa.  I tried spotting famous footballers, but didn't see one.  Not completely sure I would one anyway.  Its a lovely town full of individual shops.

Home through Cheshire's rush our traffic.  It makes you appreciate canals again.


  1. Never broken a paddle --- that he knows of.

    1. The arrogance of him was galling. In his anger (At us being from the south and speaking to him thus) he actually raised his windlass at David. Had he of used it I would have drowned him for both of those reasons.
      Surely not an overreaction ?

    2. It's the cumulative effect of paddles being dropped repeatedly that causes the damage and anyone who doesn't know that just doesn't want to know it. Why? Because it would require a change in their behaviour, and anyway the rules don't apply to them.
      I do think we need to get the boat numbers of people who are doing such damaging stuff (ramming the gates, dropping paddles, creating wash) and start sending them to CRT and asking that they send a warning letter/email. It may not change behaviour rapidly, but it would have offenders know they were being watched.
      Maybe a 3 strikes and you're out approach would start to change behaviour - where your boat licence is withheld or shortened, like CRT does for people who breach the terms of the licence - that they know about, of course.
      OK, OK, I know I am a disciplarian ...
      By the way, keep on giving the feedback and start sending the info to CRT. OK, now I am being bossy. Sorry.

    3. At the top of the locks there happened to be the two CART men who had come out to THE BROKEN PADDLE two weeks previously on our way up, they said to David that "If they see paddles being dropped they warn the culprit" But frankly what are the chances? CART would prob say that there is no proof to take action, but what action would that be? But it is a condition of all our licences. The next time I will take a film of the offence and the offender plus the boat and number.
      With such a limited budget that CART have, this is a crazy loss of valuable resource.