Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Space Rockets and old friends.

This went past first thing,  so to my mind ever so slightly an odd shape but the elderly owner was as proud as punch and rightly so if he has restored it.  He had his radio BLARING as he past too I think to make sure he was noticed.

After a lovely sunny evening on Devil's Garden, the heifers came and visited again, Amanda stroked one and another rubbed its head repeated and firmly on David's shoulder causing him to spill his drink.

We departed in slight drizzle and with coats on, the wind was stiff and chilly.

There are lots of substantial bridges on the river Weaver.  Here are a couple of them.  
The wooden one was built in the 1920's I think, can you see how the planks are put together to form beams?  Most attractive.

Railway viaduct in the background.

Beautiful footbridge.

Made like this...

There are several swing bridges on the river, this was to accommodate the large ships that frequented the river to the salt based industries located along its banks.   Have a look at  this one, now being dismantled, but really tell me if you think it could easily of had a place in Star Wars?  I say yes.  Can you imagine applying for planning permission today?  

"Yes I would like to build a train station on top of some space rockets in an area of outstanding natural beauty"

We called at Northwich to visit the supermarket, after managing to convince two widely spread boaters who had moored (Only just moored and still chatting) they were on bollards too, not as if they had to move pins or anything.......  anyway after topping up with more goodies, I have to report Reader that Amanda did arrive with a large tiramisu which is a great favourite plus a cheesecake....   anyway as I was saying we continued pottering along southwards to the first lock, silly us, it was lunchtime and we had to wait, but where to do that?  
There are visitors moorings below the lock and most were taken, plus a dollysized floating pontoon of about 10ft long.  The lockkie came down to show us where he would like us, so nose on the floating pontoon and semi breasted up with a broken down narrowboat.  They don't really do Lock Landings on the Weaver, it might be why you can phone them and have the locks prepared at will?

Lovely old blue bridge, aptly called The Blue Bridge.

Large lock to ourselves.

We carried along the river and through the other lock, everything was beautifully explained by the amazingly friendly lock keepers who have so much time with you to help, have a laugh with and good luck to Chris who's wife was having their baby daughter delivered today, yes very friendly chatty Lockkies here.

We decided to turn into the wind and moor up at Vale Royal moorings, it was sunny there, we put our sun chairs right into the bushes and got out kindles and cups of tea.  

Then the nose of a boat we recognised crept into sight past the trees and Lo and Behold it was Caroline and Ray on 
NB Tranquil Daze.  Ray worked it out that we had met them on the Thames, by Hampton Court Palace within ten days of today a year ago.  We had also met up with them again pure chance in Thrupp three years ago and on the Delft Flight in the Black Country two years ago.  We chatted and shared stories for several hours until it was chilly and supper was calling.

Supper was fishcakes with a pretty good salad put together by David, I hate making salad, followed by cheesecake and fresh raspberries.... yum.


  1. I counted 5 points of contact with the towers below that building, Lisa - why would any council worth their salt (ahem) refuse planning permission? Not sure I'd want to climb that staircase to work each day ...
    We haven't been on the Weaver yet - I'm a bit of a wuss about the Anderton Lift - it looks wonderful but me and heights aren't good friends, and David doesn't steer the boat, so I would have to overcome the fear. I will start prepping myself for it shortly - after all, if I can fly in a little plane over the Southern Alps regularly and enjoy that, why not the Anderton Lift?
    Cheers, Marilyn

    1. Yes Amanda is right, my David is not good on heights but never blinked with this. There are trip boats to go down on and to Northwich and back, so if you don't fancy when you arrive then no matter.
      Are you going to do the Ponty-what-not aqueduct if you are up here......?

  2. To be honest Marilyn you hardly notice you are going up as its done very gently and slowly and as the boat rises with you obviously you barely notice. I too am not good with heights - having discovered that at the top of the Pudding Lane Monument!