Monday, 22 August 2016

Quick Flit

It was a Monday late afternoon, when Fliss and Leon departed and we drove them over the "Fells" back to Bollington, I wasn't going to go but stay and do the washing up and David just said its a lovely evening so come, I did and how glad I was.  

Whaley Bridge is a glorious little town next to Bugsworth, its on the Macclesfield road, so the Macclesfield to Whaley Bridge road if you get my drift, but in any case, somewhere else in the area was a detour leading lots of cars down into Whaley Bridge, and as we left and climbed up the hills towards Bollington there was a terrific queue, we didn't want to sit in that queue which was over a mile long, I would say nearly two miles so a decision was made to kill a bit of time in Bollington.

I really wan't expecting the drive over to be so lovely, I thought the Peaks were further east of us. here are a few snaps I wondered if you might like to look at...

This main route over is a wide lane without white lines

I'm glad I let David drive.

The locals come directly at you at speed in the centre of the road

We eventually found the bottom of the track leading to here....  White Nancy.      HERE

It was built on Kerridge Hill to celebrate the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, White Nancy is visible for miles around but finding the correct track was another matter.  
The views are fabulous on an evening like this one and if you look carefully in the picture below you can make out Bollington Mill that we passed by on the boat  only a couple of days ago.

Bollington Mill is in the centre and Stockport beyond in the haze.

A nice horsey shot for those of you that like horses.

On returning to Whaley Bridge, the traffic queue was down to two cars.  Good move. 

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