Sunday, 21 August 2016

Oh what great curves you have!

Now there has been almost no internet signal whilst we, I managed to write a post about Fliss and Leon arriving, and each morning early David assured me that there was 4G only to find that when I tried to publish it, there wasn't anything like enough strength to publish the blog post.  But finally today, days later, I tried again after pressing SAVE about 47 times, it didn't save the post but wiped the whole thing.
I hardly screamed at all but had to rewrite.  
Now David is making tea and I am calmly having another bash.

Our mooring last night, stingers cut and small gap.

Tricky getting two bikes off and on again

This morning we were aiming for Bollington.  Fliss and Leon were off to visit her Uni friend in Manchester for the afternoon.   Our two daughters went to Uni in Manchester, I was startled at the time to read it was the "Party till you Puke" university city, but I needn't have worried then, it was far worse.

Oh Reader look at the beautiful curves of these Turnover Bridges.  They are a work of art and there are several along this canal.  I love them.

Breath in!

I sincerely hope they are protected.

If you didn't know, a turnover bridge is when the tow path changes side and the horse pulling the boat on a long rope could go over the bridge, unhindered, carry on pulling the boat without having to untie the rope and refasten it.
Clever or what?

So we made our way along pretty slowly towards Macclesfield, leaving Gurnett behind.  As you approach Macclesfield there are some terrific stone walls to admire.  
Along with gates and Turnover bridges, I love stone walls.

We had be warned by Denise that the water point here had been moved to the other side of the canal, so we were pleased to spot it.  Displeased to find it knee deep in Canadian goose poo.  But I insisted we fill as we had Fliss on board, her showers at home used to take 25 minutes, she denies this, on the boat she has to cut back severely to only use a crazy amount of water instead of an ridiculous amount.  
We fill everyday.

Fab new properties that have been built on an old yard.  Look carefully to see the old winch that has been retained.

Great view of this old mill from the water point.  

David rigged the hose to go over the railings to avoid the goose poo.

New mooring pontoons here, the bank is rickety to save the least, the pontoons are great, but too short.

Macclesfield was the home of the silk industry   HERE  four years ago when we came up to the wild and wooly north, sorry, North Staffs Moorlands, we visited the silk museums. It was very very interesting.  It was located here as its a dryer climate for silk and Manchester for cotton mills for the required damp atmosphere as it rains every day in Manchester, both daughters tell me so after their four years there, so it must be true.

After Macclesfield, the canal becomes wooded and a bit boring to she who likes to see whats going on, but later it opened out and with added sunshine to the mix, was pretty stunning.

Wonderful countryside

Beauty at each turn.

Oooooo another one

We came into Bollington and there was a mooring again the same as last night, right on the beginning of the aqueduct, another boat came past as I was holding the rope to moor up and called out that no one moors there as its too shallow....
Fine for us, sticking out a bit but hells bells, when you have a view out of your window like this, who cares.....?

Fliss and Leon had eaten out so David and I had scrambled eggs on toast.


  1. Hi Lisa
    Who is your internet provider?
    We use EE, have done many years and it is beamed around the boat from a midi unit hung in the window.
    Must say pretty good results over the system.
    Les x

    1. Hello Les,
      We have an EE 4G dongle, which has been good however Shropshire and Cheshire have challenged it, and Bugsworth Basin totally defeated it!
      Its contract is up for renewal in Oct, I shall have a good look around, but overall we have been pleased with it.
      Funnily enough, David's phone is EE and isn't anything like as good reception as mine on identical phones on 3. So we have the canals covered, but at home both phones are rubbish, hahaha
      Lisa x