Sunday, 14 August 2016

Last day on the Weaver.

Lack of signal and generally having a great time has had a bad effect on the blogging rate and I had so promised to do better too!

But here I am now.

At crack of dawn this morning, the two twitchy people onboard needed to be exercised so cycled off to Winsford to have a look.  Windsofrd is the furthest point south on the river.  David took these shots.

Salt mountain in Winsford, unexpected to us southerners....

We set off at well I am not sure of the time but certainly too early for Ray and Caroline to be awake.  We were as quiet as a really quite thing going past them.

It was such a pleasant cruise too, beautifully wooded, sunny skies, the small hurricane of last evening had subsided and sunglasses were deployed (but no sun hats).

A small debate was had as to wether the above two would make good restored Houseboats......   What do you think Reader?
I won't be buying one.

One of the two locks this morning.

These two locks at the Northwich end are hand wound and therefore manned by two Lockkies.

This wee cruiser, entered the lock and rather cheekily without asking held onto WaL's roof with their metal boathook, David, not unreasonably asked them to desist and the dear lockkies took their rope.  Moral of the story.....  Small cruisers cause long narrowboats damage.

No news as of yet as to if Chris's wife had been delivered.

Fab vintage looking boats here, primarily for Lesley K  HERE  I really miss her blog and would love it to begin again.

Flitting through Northwich.

This is a sliding gate to stop the traffic on the bridge through Northwich.

Presumably the control box

And the beautiful old bridge.  Don't they build ugly ones today?

A side view of the boat lift that came into view from this direction.

Today its electric, but the wheels on the roof would have been part of the workings in its previous life.

Sailing into the lift to join NB 3 No Trumps.

Grey Wagtail in the depths of the lift.

So these pictures of the ride itself are for Marilyn McDonald, so look Marilyn, you are quite "Enclosed" whilst in the lift, you can't see over the sides really as you rise, you can only see into the distance if you want to look that is.  Its a very slow ride, not jolty or unnerving.

This is Mick and his wife Alison was on the front.  They really miss  Derwent 6,    HERE     Reading tales of Al and Del kept him going while they waited for their fabulous boat to be built.

and out, quite an experience altogether.

The orange car here, according to Ray and Caroline who spoke to the owner, is worth more than the house!

We sailed on down to Middlewich, and in the rain now, moored up just above the Big Lock.

Supper was roasted cauliflower on a bed of rocket with pomegranate and cranberries.  We had had that at home in a great pub, but my efforts need refining.

Mick on a separate matter could you inbox me on

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