Saturday, 18 June 2016

Unknown beauty

Now we have been moored up awaiting visitors.  Its complicated goes the saying goes.  
But on our way here from the village of Hindford where we had supper in a pub called The Jack Myttens.  So for us it was a relatively late morning, 9-9:30 but as David went out to take off the tonneau cover, it was like the Marie Celeste, from full moorings last night to one or two boats this morning.

Well something happened that we weren't used to..... the sun came out.  Its been a while coming but after the monsoon yesterday afternoon it was so marvellous to see it.  We pootled along, feeling almost warm, enjoying terrific views of the countryside.

Just two locks today, at one of them I chatted to a Swedish family on a hire boat, their second holiday boating.  The wife had watched a British TV programme about buying properties in the countryside (Maybe Escape to the country) she had loved the scenery so much here they were!  They didn't seem bothered about the dismay weather either.

We approached Chirk, some nice bends, so going pretty sedately and a lady dog walker called out to us that there was a boat coming towards us, nice lady, we held back to let it come through the bridge hole which it did, the driver had a minor expression of terror on his face, and in his efforts to avoid us went into the bushes his side but not badly, his wife was in the well deck (front pointy end) waving her arms to signify the direction he should take...... 
"Having fun?" I called out
"No, god it is really narrow isn't it?", we were laughing but and told him he was doing all right and boating is great fun, his face broke out into a non terror expression.  Then unbeknown to us there were four boats in total coming, one is easy to avoid but another bunch and I jumped ship and grabbed the centre line.  We thought it pretty narrow, then we went on and discovered that the previous section was wide.  

Bends, foliage leaning, moored boats in the loops of bends and no forward visibility.  I didn't get any photos as I was making coffee, running to the front and standing on the very very from of the bow (Pointy end) looking for oncoming and calling out to pedestrians.

So round the final bend and there is a lady standing on the corner with a phone in hand looking earnest.  Yes of course the penny dropped and she is a crew, sent to the other side of what turned out to be the Chirk Aqueduct.  Her boat was coming.
So after a bit of faffing with me running over thing, checking boats coming, turned out to be three not one, then running a bit further to look into the tunnel, all clear, then running back getting to WaL as the last one past him, urging him with all possible haste to get a wiggle on before anymore oncoming traffic ruined it.
He did

Chirk Aqueduct

This behind is the train bridge, not sure if it is still used, we didn't see any trains here.

River Dee down below.

Impressive or what?

So, small confession, before today, I had no idea there was an aqueduct at Chirk.  Never been here, but it looks awfully like Le Pont du Gard  HERE  ok not quite as good but pretty stunning and its British.  What a treat!

So we get to the end and yes a rogue boat has entered the tunnel so clearly we had to wait along with the other two boats that arrived behind WaL..... but guess what,  a private boat had moored up on the edge of the winding/collecting hole here, David said to them, as he went to help a pair of novice overseas hirers who were far from confident to hover,  he said calmly that they shouldn't be moored up here (Signage says so right there too) and her response was 
"Well there wash't anywhere else for us to moor"  Well of all the arrogance that there should be a mooring for THEM!  

Named and shamed for arrogance and selfishness

Entrance to Crick tunnel

Ok I have calmed down now, but I do get infuriated by some people.
The tunnel was nice and straight, so straight that the next waiting boat had its lights on already and was pointing right in fairly well blinded us as we emerged.

We moored up well before the next aqueduct in a lovely sunny open spot and although not "Stressful" the morning had been eventful.

Spanish omelette for supper with masses of veg and cheese in it to make up for last night where it was scarce to say the least.

These lovely ladies next to the boat.  David Lewis I say they are English Longhorns, what say you?


  1. Chirk Castle is worth a visit, and walking distance from the canal, if you moor on the Llangollen side of the tunnel.

    1. Adam you have beaten me to it!! We did go there and really enjoyed the visit. We saw the gardens just prior to the rain and then did the castle itself. I love castles and this one certainly was worth a trip.
      Lisa x