Thursday, 16 June 2016

Lazy Sunday.

So Sunday morning arrived after a fairly comfortable night spent on the boat, well for me anyway, I shan't ask the Fine Company including my godson Max, as he is about 6' and was balanced on our approximate 5' sofa.  But he is a hardy commando trainee.

Car loving boys departed for Day 2 of car stuff... but we didn't.  The forecast was dire with rain forecast all day.  

David wasn't keen on a drenching and he had departed with the boys to be dropped off at our car which was goodness knows where, he then played Supermarket Sweep in Ellesmere and returned laden. 

By about that time Amanda and I had settled down nicely to read our books.  Amanda had brought with her cherry scones for afternoon tea, however we decided to have them with butter and jam for Elevenses instead, with a glass of Sparkle.

Amanda actually read an entire book this day, I managed about 20% of mine.

So there were naps, wedding talk (She has yet another son who is engaged), books, dresses and much later I organised and gin tasting session.  I am happy to report that Amanda easily picked out the expensive gin, but wasn't quite so good at the expensive tonic.

Supper was Thai Green Curry, a tad warm, as several noses began to run!!

The Gang, Boat Sharers and Boat Owners
After supper the company had to return home to the other side of the country to.....  now what was it called...... oh yes I remember, their jobs.

This is the incredibly high bridge that low slung BMW of theirs had to tackle, yes of course he caught it

Finally sunshine when they departed.

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