Sunday, 12 June 2016

Patronising ? Nah.

We had a bit of a backwards day today, well for us anyway.  David naffed off early to cycle, pick up a few groceries and  generally have a bit of a nose around here. 
I stayed in bed watching Graham Norton and then listening to The Great Gatsby on Radio 4.
Love Radio 4.  Actually, our telly is broken, well of course it is I hear you saying....  But we've not missed it a bit.  

I am even considering turing the TV cupboard into a drinks cabinet...

So anyway, this morning, David eventually returned with shopping including asparagus yummy.

At lunchtime after we had had breakfast and pootled off in the last day of hot sunshine and beautiful countryside.

There was a definite increase in the boat traffic today but all of it going the other way, so we had the benefit of two of the four locks empty with the gates open.  Like that.

As the canal opened up today it was just how we like it, open views and a slightly elevated position so we can see into the fields and see just what the farmer is up to.  All busy busy as you would expect at this time of year and in such good weather.  

Silage field now cleared.

When we got to Wrenbury Mill, I hopped off to do the lift bridge there.  This was really amusing to my sense of humour.... Let me explain.  As I got to the electric control box with the BW Key to operate it, I heard a voice over my shoulder,
"Know how to do it do you love?"  
"Er, yes I think so thank you" I replied, 
"Yeah well do you have the key?"
"Yes thank you."
"Yeah so put the key in then it will work."
"Oh ok," says I.... "Should I turn the key do you think?" says I in my best British sarcasm, which was completely lost on him,

Wrenbury Mill and boat hire base centre

"Tony are you coming to have a coffee?" calls his wife from the pub steps right next door, 
"I'll be there in a minute, I just need to help this lady!!!!"

And so it continued, I was given blow by blow instructions by this man who I thought must work in the boat hire centre based here, but no, it turned out he was a hirer who had just got his boat through the lift bridge before!  As David came through the gap, more instructions on steering, "Yep yep keep it straight... Look out for that coffee.... Oh you aren't bad at all, I bumped it summat badly and spilt mine!"
So an example of the British at their best in helpfulness but I only just managed to keep a straight face.

David getting his dose, all taken with good cheer.

Road bridge up.

The other side.  These elderly cyclists are on the way to Bristol.

David very impressed by this wheat already in head.

Haylage rowed up ready for bayling

The first I have seen this year of the stunning yellow flag iris's

I took masses of this Kestral hovering, this was the best of them, I need a better camera.

So again we moored out in the unending countryside, a few boats spaced out in the sun but not the remotest chance of any 3G.
This posted days later.

Supper was Italian eggs.


  1. Italian Eggs is a joyfully easy supper dish. I am trying to search for the recipe I first used for you but until I do...
    Fry onion, aubergine maybe mushrooms but I often use courgettes (or zucchini to you) and herbs. This time I used chill oil. Then when done nicely, add a tin of tomatoes and get to simmer, then add a tin of belotti or cannelloni beans, when all bubbling, make a gap and break an egg in, 4 for two people.
    Lid on, I like my eggs harder than runny, poke with a knife to see when you like them.
    Whats the weather like there? Monsoon here this morning.