Wednesday, 23 September 2015

There's no escape.

The forecasted rain arrived on time and stayed in bed listening to my new find.   Its most enjoyable  HERE   Its a drama that the BBC have put on Radio 4.   Each day starting with August 14th 2014 and an episode all about life on the Home Front.  
Try one.  
All past episode available for a year.

The stove was alight which makes the boat positively glow in chilly damp weather, I do very much like not having places to get to in hurry.  

There was a beep and Yarwood were off, the drizzle had started in earnest and minutes after they left it turned into more steady rain.  NB Yarwood had to depart to go four locks up river to empty their cassettes and fill with water. 

We invited George and Carol around for coffee later in the morning, actually the rain really didn't live up to promise and  was mostly drizzle but by lunchtime we could have easily moved off, but we didn't instead we waited for that magic time when the clouds rolled away to the north and blue skies broke out all over and went out for a walk.

George is one of those frightfully clever people who can fix things, TV aerial in this case.

Not having moored at Beale Park before we thought we would just walk up the hill opposite towards Basildon Park and NT property that we visited last year, (Great rose garden there)     HERE    but Beale Wildlife Park closes at "Dusk" and so do their huge gates, but due to the yukky weather and now term time it was all locked up about 4pm.  So actually we couldn't get out!   So instead we walked around the grounds, followed a footpath towards "Lower Basildon" and eventually came back around to the boat.

This is George's favourite house on the entire river.  Come his lottery win the ownership of it could change.  Far too many trees around it for me, but if my ticket comes up I'll buy it for him.

Early autumnal colour.

On Beale Estate somewhere.

Love pink skies.

David had made broccoli, cauliflower and stilton soup at lunchtime which was pretty filling so supper was beans on toast with melted cheese on the top.

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