Thursday, 24 September 2015

Sunshine on our shoulders

Its always hard to imagine the night before when we simply got drenched in a cloud burst when you are faced with a morning like this

The sun was blinding and lovely and warm bursting in this morning.


Our mooring with the front sticking out...

Our most creative mooring yet
 We set off fairly early on a fairly short hop along.  In this row of moored cruisers you can easy guess which one caught my eye.

Yes this attractive wooden one although it might benefit from a little bit of TLC.

Another imposing stone bridge I think it was at Shillingford.

So here we arrived above Days Lock to moor up, is that someone up there...?

Yes indeedy its our mooring team

So good to have caught the up again

WaL in a great setting.

That's Whittington Clump behind us in the distance

We and a quick coffee then walked together into Dorchester village to a nice dog friendly pub, it's hard to photograph black dogs on a dark floor in the shadows but they are such well behaved doggies and a pleasure to be with.

Great to have a catch-up again.  Back to the boats for a rugby afternoon.

The Lurvvve flowed here this afternoon as you can see, it made David and I blush.

Super after Japan lost was a smoked salmon parcel with cream cheese and salmon filling, then roasted golden and red beets with goats cheese crumbled over the top and spiced apples and sultanas and cream.


  1. OK, you moored above Day's Lock where we did and had the Oakfields (the lovely Ann and the redoubtable Keith) moor up alongside. A lovely start to a lovely friendship - as is the way on the cut! Hope you are both well. And we do so much look forward to meeting you two next year. Cheers, Marilyn and David (nb Waka Huia)

  2. Even Fletcher looks embarrassed by this display of affection or is it Floyd?

  3. We too would be delighted to meet up somewhere sometime! You have my email address just let me know if we are close by.

  4. PS Marilyn I have almost finished "Daughter of Time" about King Richard.