Wednesday, 30 September 2015


So then, September continues as I would have wished May June and July might have done.  The mornings are "Fresh" so much so this morning, I couldn't get out of bed until David had returned from his bike ride and switched on the heating.  We probably need a small child to come programme the heating system....
I walked a short while to get some photos that show the changing colours...

Its been a while since I saw a butterfly, this one was in the bush next to where we watered up at Lower Heyford.   I really like the bridge here, well from this direction I mean, I love the old and new combination.

This is David at his office desk today, as we all know he is only "Semi retired"

This is Peter from NB Futurest   HERE    we are leap frogging each other a bit.

Hire boats are moored three deep here today, so we decided against a pump out here.

I was nervous here too of the bridge not staying up, 

 I sat on it again but even with my leather gloves holding the chain provided as firmly as I could,  the bridge came down with a nice big wallop.

I wish this barn was open to the public

I must go snooping in the car.

Autumn purples

Looks a bit like a dollies bridge after being on the Thames.

But yes WaL did fit.

Think this was a Kestral, it dashed off quickly.

Big blue skies.

Supper was chicken in a chilli ginger and lime sauce with french beans and broccoli moored up on Somerton Meadows which I forgot to photo, but here is one I took earlier, 18 months earlier!!!  The weather today was similar but warmer than April 2014.

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