Monday, 21 September 2015

Low flying Kites, and pigs

Now today started off nicely with sunshine and clear skies.  We wanted to move the on up stream.  A town at random was chosen and off we drove.  David has wanted to visit Dorchester-on-Thames and as we saw it on a road sign we decided that it would be expedient to get a visit out of the way.

So Dorchester proved to be a most charming place.  It can be reached easily by footpath from the Thames too.  We cycled all around it.

Three very different buildings all in a row.

This medieval house has its wooden frame, then a brick skin added plus a tiled roof to replace what must have had a thatched roof and finally what could be a Georgian door.

How cute are these ancient places?  Sadly their front spaces now house cars

We cycled all around the village listening to the cries overhead but out of sight of a Red Kite family    HERE  

Look carefully behind the right side of the chimney for his tail feathers..... Good shot eh?

They are a bit quick...

Another rubbish shot

Finally my best photo, there were four of them swooping in and out of gardens 

See the wobbly walls on this ancient cottage, still on a narrow lane.

So back in the car and off we drove to Wallingford the chosen place to hide our car for a few days.  Always a challenge finding a car hiding place.  Firstly a non restrictions road and in a commuting town can be really hard, then a space away from peoples outlooks from their houses, not on a bend and so it goes on.  David likes to play this game quickly and get it over with, the downside is forgetting the name of the street where you have left it.  
Leaving Wallingford there were this sweet row of old cottages;

The one in the centre had this blue plaque

I studied Social and Economic history at school, but David was disappointed to read this wasn't the musician.

Within five minutes I was pushing the bike up a really steep hill, David got off of his to keep me company I think.  Once on the top of the hill we had marvellous views of the surrounding countryside.  
Quite a lot of wild flowers still blooming too.

By now the sun and come out and was making me very warm.
Then that familiar screeching of Red Kites again and here was another family overhead...

The camera on full zoom picked up this one resting on a fence post while all the family called to it overhead.

Up hill and down dale over the edge of the Chilterns and through forests we went.

Churchill loved pigs.  He said a dog looks up to you, a cat looks down on you but a pig will look you straight in the eye.

Then a pint and then a rest on a bench, willow on leather on the village green.  
What could be more British?  Cricket on Checkendon in Oxfordshire

The match was between "Dads and Lads" and a league side.  I asked if Dads and daughters could play and yes they can and had done in the past.

A day for vintage as this 50 year plus tractor went past.  (How old is it David Lewis please?)

Then this beauty

Then nearly downhill all the way back to Pangbourne, this was the view from the refurbished bridge here.  As you can see nearly all the Gin Palaces have left now.

WaL nestled in nicely

Wal is there in this non zoom version.

Cup of tea.  Untie the ropes and off we went to move up to Beale Park through one lock, around the corner and up a bit.

Great reflections on the water approaching the lock at Pangbourne then as the boat pulled in the sun came out again lighting up these surrounding trees in a most pretty manner.

David moored up while I went on ahead to look at the DIY arrangements for the lock, by the time he had tied up to come and look too I had the gates open.  Simple stuff.

WaL leaving.
A glorious September evening

I love seeing the sun through trees

Yooooooo Hoooooo Boating Family

The view from my dining room tonight

Not a breath of air moves

Invited to NB Still Rockin' tonight with sorely missed Boaty Family The Yars for dwinks we laughed as we always do till my face hurt and tears rolled down my cheeks.

Supper was Kettle Chips and nuts with maybe a little too much Sparkly.

Rain due tomorrow so I predict a lie-in.

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