Monday, 28 September 2015

How can you forget Oxford one asks?

In all the excitement yesterday I forgot to include Oxford, actually we stopped there.
When we arrived at the last lock of the day, there was a bit of a bun fight going on caused by dare I say it..... a narrowboat who had filled up with water somewhere and then to turnaround  had gone down through the lock and then held up two of the large trip boats who had parties on each off to a wedding, we were waiting way back down the river hovering mid stream waiting for our turn.  Finally when we got on the end of the lock landing, I went forward to work the lock, this being the only lock we had encountered on the Thames that had closed for lunch.
The cruiser crew you can see just sat there.  But when the gates opened they came in, there was a lot of faffing as he tried to get into position, it occurred to me that they were novices, they I realised that they were not English speakers, so as the faffing continued  now with a pole held up to me, but no rope on it,  finally I asked for the rope to be thrown up, behind were Yarwood and WaL waiting to come in, the rope was thrown up to me by the lady which was fine, except it wasn't attached to the boat....
Oh how we laughed, later.

Lesley holding the boat and had been doing so most patiently.

Both boats mored up above Osney lock with spaces to spare.

A spaghetti of bikes here at Oxford Train Station

Supper was Lamb Rogan Josh with lemon cheesecake with extra thick cream with the Yars.


  1. Hi there, If you need an osteopath or a really good massage, Lisa Parke's rooms are down beside the pub close to the lock. When we lived in Church Enstone, Lisa was a regular visitor to our place as she did house calls! Phone is 07759045964. Cheers, Marilyn

  2. Love the bike picture. I wonder how long it takes to find your bike in the evening?

  3. Not too interested in osteopaths or bicycles. Lamb rogan josh however was superb, so thanks again! xx

  4. Dear Marilyn,
    No time this trip, but you have planted a seed!!

    Dear Amanda,
    I couldn't bare the stress of bike finding each night, I have been told that commuters take one bike to the station, leave it there, get on train, collect second bike from London rack and then retrace steps that night, thus having two bikes. Much better to take your BROMPTON on the
    train with you me thinks.

    Dear Lesley,
    You are most welcome,

    Love to all