Friday, 26 June 2015

Who needs water anyway.....? Well it would be quite nice.

Grey and cold it was early Monday morning as we left the nice farmers meadow, we would have topped up with water here but the water point is in the most tricky of positions, I cannot believe that any person with any experience of boating would have situated it there.  So imagine this Reader,  should you be travelling upstream, then you go under this attractive bridge using the centre arch, then manoeuvre over to your right (Is that Starboard? Maybe) then with the current taking you backwards towards the bridge into the reeds there, look carefully and spot the water point, its behind that wooden fence yes right there where all the bank has eroded away making a leap off the back to secure the boat (onto nothing provided in the way of a bollard) a 5ft gap not too easy.  A wind blowing here today added to the mix meant WaL carried on past.  Not that many water points to choose from on here either.  Much easier to fill here if you are going down stream, so thats fine then?

Beautiful old stone bridge here at Fotheringhay

Yarwood's tail just visible still. 

I had a fleece on and a windproof gilet thingy.  David very quickly put on his thick fleece and then windproof golfing jacket, then winter gloves.  Not bad weather for October he cheerfully called out to another boat...

This was a very lovely stretch of river, several locks to do today, but these locks don't warm you up.

Fotheringhay church, easier to see from the river that it is now half the size it once was, cloisters used to be on this side too

One of the locks we did today, see the wind on the water?  Around the corner trees protect you and then I am boiling, then the wind funnels down the river and its freezing.

David cleverly gets them all to stand and smile for the camera, he is a Cow Whisperer.

Its hard to capture landscapes but it is very lovely.

Quite a few old mills along here, this one right next to the lock, wish I could remember the name.

Ugliest thing I saw today

Hard to photograph, Red Kites all around.

We arrived at the last lock of the day, Yarwood were inside and so was a wee cruiser, it had popped out when it saw Yarwood coming.  That was ok, as we were not in sight, I worked the lock with Lesley but the lady was out on the lock side nattering to the Cow Whisperer, so they got back onboard and pulled out onto the lock landing for a cup of tea.....  This then made picking up the last Lock Hand nice and tricky as I had predicted the other day when I was moaning.   Inconvenience was averted as would you believe it another narrowboat arrived behind us to come up the lock too, they kindly told us to get on and we scuttled off to Wadenhoe, this is a dreamy place as it the garden of a pub The King's Head, room for us all and water here at one end.  We reversed around a slight bend leaving room for that wee cruiser to moor up, on the water point OF COURSE!!! 
Gotta love them.  

Lunch was divine, Crayfish and lemon dressing sandwich with salad and crisps.  Mooring costs £10 a night here, knocked off your dining bill, we had lunch today and dinner booked tomorrow.

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  1. Upper Barnwell Lock is the one you couldn't remember. Hope you enjoyed Wadenhoe and found the dove cote before you left. Wonderful place on the river that.