Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Refugees and fairy cakes

So here we are all cosy and back onboard WaL after a week at home for "Life Admin".   Those nice people on Yarwood have watched over WaL for us in Peterborough.   

Today we took a trip out to Elyto see the cathedral and to call on NB Seyella to say goodbye properly as it was so rushed that last morning at Wisbech as we were like refugees on the pontoon as all our friends went off.....

6am and feeling glum at having to leave the Jolly Band

You can see how far down the tide is

Unflappable Derek as always

Dearest Group Captain, if you see him on the Middle Levels give him a kiss from me.

Here is one more last shot of the water flow, or rather the speed of it at Wisbech that didn't help my general relaxation that night.

Believe me it looked far worse in real time....

So our day at Ely was joyous, we walked along the river there,  had coffee sat in the sun Reader, now that was a first!!!  

Then through the city towards the cathedral.  We left Joe outside with the two "Lovely Boys", actually Joe is also a lovely boy, and we three went into the Cathedral.  Its old alright, read   HERE for the gen on it but we are looking at in the region of 900 years old.  The Victorians have played a bit fast and loose with it, but they did install this piece of total treasure

A painted ceiling, back when constructed the interiors would have been highly painted and decorated all lost in The Reformation.

How beautiful is this?

I am sorry that picture is on its side, its straight upright in my photos, but I will get some advice on this business but look at it and see the centre tower, its below too from the outside,  the previous centre fell down in the 1300's and so work was begun to rebuilt it, four pillars were replaced by eight and the very top is all wood framed built onto the eight pillars.  David and I climbed up to see it.

So we went up there....

So the frame is all english oak, 70ft trunks so this means that to allow for growing these beams are 1300 years old!!!!!

Fantastic panels all Victorian, a wee bit Pre-Raphealite which I LOVE, the panels open for better viewing of them and looking down......gulp

Up again

Glorious art

Tiny door to get through and even tinier staircase down.

Uninterrupted view for miles and miles
David and Lesley, Ely very different in style from Lincoln so both need visiting clearly.

We found Geoff and Margaret from NB Seyella   HERE  and departed with some of Group Captain's Butterfly Fairy Cakes, thank you Geoff.    


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Blogger saves photos you add in Picassa web albums and always saves them in the original format. If you can work out how to access your photos in picassa you can edit them and turn them round and then use "add photos from picassa web albums" and viola they appear correctly.

    Very techy and clunky I know but useful if you can manage it.

    Love the posts so far, very entertaining :-) Wish we could be there too!

    1. Dear Christine or is that Steve,
      Thank you for that, I shall have a small play, if that fails I shall get my IT consultant to show me. I do need all the help I can get.
      Thank you again,
      Isn't boating great when the sun shines?