Friday, 19 June 2015

Queens, Cromwell and patchwork.

So no talk of churches castles or cathedrals for days now, so it's high time for another. 

Peterborough, what a beaut.  We had a lovely chap doing the guided tour too, who's name escapes me but so knowledgable and enthusiastic. 
So two Queens buried here, Catherine of Aragon for one, then later Mary, Queen of Scots, although when her son came to the throne as King James 1st he had her moved to London.   What was very touching was that on the tomb of Catherine of Aragon were pomegranates, her symbol plus flowers, evidently laid by Spanish visitors, of  which there are many who make a sort of modern day pilgrimage to Peterborough to pay respects to her.  Indeed the Spanish Ambassador will presently making a visit amongst others for a celebration of her life.  Her tomb was desecrated during the reformation but in more recent times has been restored, more fitting for this Queen.

Now look at this and admire this as part of your heritage...

Fantastic isn't it?  You know what it is of course......

Oh my golly gosh see this? A painted ceiling that survived the Reformation and Cromwell, he was sick his entire time in Peterborough, maybe that was the reason, we'll never know.  

See in the above photo, the original font, lost for centuries and rediscovered in a nearby back garden, maybe it was hidden from Cromwell....

Four pillars holding the tower here at Peterborough, the tower is much shorter and "Dumpier" than the one at Ely, they feared the weight would be too great so it was kept low.

The original 13th century great oak doors.

Patchwork for men
Now this was fascinating, these tiny mosaics are being relaid piece by piece, then hoovered, tidied up and relaid.  I love patchwork but I am glad I am not doing that job.

So you know what that the first picture above was of.... The oldest clock in the world, dated at 1320!!!!!! No face but these early clocks chimed the hours.  How amazing is that?   HERE   
The three of us cycled here from the boat at Ferry Meadows, we returned in the car and so begun the latest round of Bunny Hopping the car along the river.

Lincolnshire sausages for supper, they are the best in the world too.

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