Tuesday, 30 June 2015

One fine day and a thunderstorm

A nice afternoon it turned out to be, we did deserve it I have to say.  
After the delicious lunch in the pub here, there was a bit of a rest and napping going on, not for Yarwood, they are most disciplined about dog walking and boaty jobs than us...

So latterly  in the afternoon we played moving the car, I was going to just let David do this but the area is so attractive that I said I would go too.  Big mistake.

We set off at about 4:45pm, cars going home from work.  We went through the village which is mostly untouched by ugly development, just stone thatched cottages intact, the fabulous pub dates from before the Civil War.

Wadenhoe village

I have seen this view somewhere else and the telegraph poles all photo-shopped out

We went first off towards Oundle, a town between here and there but the home to the famous school, but halfway there David pipes up that “Don’t like the look of that cloud”  which was huge, spread out over half the entire sky and rather black.  It started raining pretty soon after too. 
(Did I say?  He was the only who took a coat).  We took shelter under a tree, not terribly good protection does a tree offer lots of gaps between leaves….
David gathered his precious map under his jumper, said this is hopeless lets get going…..  Well Reader in seconds I was soaked completely, glasses awash and wet through to my knickers, did I say it was a mini monsoon?

The plan had been that we both cycle to the car at Fotheringhay then in the car go shopping in the supermarket in Oundle, but this was quickly changed by me to David going the extra miles and I would go direct and dripping to get the shopping, which I did but in a drippy fashion down each aisle. Shivering too.

David arrived pretty quickly and with the heating on in the car at 27 degrees and the heated seat all seemed better somehow.  
Back at the boat the central hating went on then hot showers were had, JimJams and bed socks and I began to recover.

Mushroom omelette  for supper with Waitroses's Gooseberry fool which are delicious I have to say.


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