Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Landing in Boston.

So we landed at Boston and what nice visitor moorings they are too.  Pontoons with water and rubbish disposal all very close.  There are also electricity plug-in's too however the pity is these are only for permanent moorers only.  Seems mad that a boat may be here for 2 weeks waiting to cross as is another one here in the recent past but we cannot plug-in.  

The run down was uneventful, the main problem was retaining radio reception for the cricket from Leeds.

Cold again, see my new extra warm gloves I  brought before Newark and worn everyday?

So as Yarwood landed first, they helped with ropes and dangly bits, the pontoon are for wide beams or at least you can fit three narrowboats abreast, so we went in the middle, its most convenient to step out onto a tug deck, with Clarence the other side of us, so Seyella and Yarwood have dogs and easy access for them.
I did have an emergency to see to, my nails were in a shocking state.  All sorted pretty quickly, but I passed a well kept war memorial here in Boston.

From what I have seen Boston is a nice little town,  a pleasant market this morning, Geoff Sheila and David went up the Stump which is the most visible church tower, as seen from miles around.  Margaret, Lesley and I instead went out for coffee, Margaret was being test driven by "The Stig" in her new wheelchair especially for outings.  After an initial bump and almost tipping her out The Stig improved on his road handling and things settled down, she hardly screamed at all afterwards.

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