Monday, 1 June 2015

Kicking our heels a bit

 We were third to leave this morning, leaving Clarence to trot along later, they like a lie-in!  But really no need to hurry as to a certain extent we are killing time as the "Booked" date for the crossing is far far too windy and we shan't go, the next forecasted day with the wind calm is several days on.  

See the great mound of reeds up against Seyella?

When the first two boats moved off, they had to dislodge the reeds that had come to be here over night, we too had to pull the boat back by hand then pull it forward again and only then start the engine when all clear, there was a huge one on the bend just out of sight David dodged around.

Not many bridges along the river Witham, the old ferry crossings here and there have long gone.

Sugar beet processing plant long closed down as the profit in growing it dropped off, sad for the local job market.

The six mile whizz to the next stop of Woodhall Spa was dull.  Long and straight.  I have done my best effort to capture the black headed gulls constantly swooping in large numbers along the river, 
They very fast and here is my best effort

he noise of these two taking off is terrific, see the gulls in the distance...

Visitor moorings at Southrey we passed by.

Great Creasted Grebe also hard to capture for as soon as you focus, they dive.

Grazing cows right next to your house something I DON"T miss.

Clarence arrived in time for tea.

We will have a good look at Woodhall Spa tomorrow, David nipped off to get milk, its a mile and a half to the town itself, as it was such a nice evening he called me and I nipped up too for a G&T in the sun in the garden of The Mall pub, it was very busy too, always a good sign.   Only 16 miles to Boston from here. 

Steak pie, wedges green beans and courgettes for supper.

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