Thursday, 18 June 2015

Keep the great British White

The time had definitely come to leave Peterborough, The Yars have been here for over a week and due to some noisy oafs at night hadn't enjoyed uninterrupted sleep.  WaL was serviced first on the free pump out station here which has a very good quick pump and was seeming finished in seconds, then Joe came with us to the local boatyard to fill up with diesel, its a funny little yard that has become engulfed in housing, on a narrower section of the river and as we are a bit big it was helpful to have an extra pair of hands to reverse into the tiny jetty, we did block the river here for a short while.   Sadly for Joe WaL pretty much emptied their tank, Joe wanted to put 200-300 litres in....  Delivery tomorrow.

So nothing to be done but to return to Yarwood, turn tail and leave Peterborough for the divine Ferry Meadows, up the river and through one lock.  Now I hadn't done a guillotine lock since Lincoln and that was about a month ago, so I had a one to one tuition from Lesley and we took it in turns to get the aching finger as you have to keep your finger on the electric button most of the time during the operation, but then turn the paddles with lock keys in the usual way.

I suspect this is a British White, grazing very close to central Peterborough and very rare too these days.

Ye olde Custom House, now the Sea Scouts play here fantastic stone building.

First lock to do in a month, now then what do I do again.......?

Yarwood making the turn into Ferry Meadows

All incredibly happy here except for F&F as the pontoon was very harsh on their feet, all mats and rugs brought into play here for them.

Not often seen, a pair of Grebes and a baby, then a pair of swans approached, the Grebes faced up to them and saw them off

As they did so the baby shot onboard and there remained out of sight.

Goats cheese and pea tart with courgette lemon and chilli salad for supper.


  1. It certainly looks like a White Park to me too...

    Now where did I put the BBQ? LOL

    1. Thank you Kevin, I thought it so, but my husband born into a family farming for generations and the son of a cattle breeder said "I don't know, think so!!!"

  2. As ever another splendid post with incredible pictures. The photo of the Grebes is worth putting in to photo contest and the last one of the baby Grebe is amazing. Xx

  3. Thank you Jac, it was actually such a quickly snatched shot as we moved past, the grebes were focused on the pair of swans not us. Plenty of wildlife to see here but I can't get them on shot!