Monday, 2 June 2014

Schemes, sabotage and bunny hops.

Plan hatching again.  
We had learnt from Harner’s blog a marvellous piece of information that the Caen Hill Flight are drained overnight. We intended to do likewise as Harnser and be in ‘Prime Position’ at the foot of the 16 in a row locks the day before, thus securing the 8am place to have the locks all in our favour the whole way up.  David had done a recce that morning at dawn ( He was actually buying a paper) and seen that in the intended position were two hire boats, both had been breakfasting and we were confident they would be gone.  We clearly wanted their spot before any other boats came up from behind and overtook us.  Patsy and Tony were ready too and off we toddled at about 9am.  Not too early or the hirers may not have departed.  
Me on the bike going ahead and Patsy finishing them off with the two Captains jumping on and off to join in the fun too.
Two boats working along together, David in playful move.

Note WaL's ropes....

Pretty footpaths through the green.

I love these and "Grow" them at home.

All went swimmingly with us almost there when we spotted a fly in the ointment.  A lady single handed boater in front. We had caught her up as we were faster than her….  Well nothing for it but if she wanted PP (Prime Position) then it was hers….. Oh what joy, she moored up in the very last pound one lock before the one we wanted.
Bloody Brilliant as Ron Weasley says.

Wal in Prime Position, no other boats to be seen.

Nicely moored up in the space for two boats we had coffee and walnut cake with Patsy & Tony, then shut up the boat and went off in the car.  To Pewsey 30mins away to pick up the weekend hired hand.  
We are truly blessed to have friends like these who are willing to come help me with the flight and driving three hours in the bargain.  
Amanda & David (Yes these are the two who are under the impression they are in a Boat Share Scheme). 
One of the most beautiful scenic drives to get to Pewsey.  If you are in this area get yourselves of the canal and get biking, walking or busing to see the countryside.  

We visited The Avenue of Stones near Avebury

Amanda says these trees look like a Woolly Mammoth.

Avenue of Stones

With Amanda collected from the train station, it seemed the logical thing to do to go to Marlborough, AGAIN.  To Polly’s Tearooms for lunch.  Cream teas for the ladies but David was in raptures about his puff pasty tart with fresh figs, goats cheese, capers, olives and balsamic dressing.

David declined our kind offer to come dress shopping and instead went to the pub to watch the Premiership Final at Twickenham.  (Amanda’s David was actually there and was joining us later).
Back to the boat later in Devizes, I prepared supper whilst David was on board NB Pedal drinking wine,  we could hear their laughter from inside WaL.
Just prior to leaving to fetch David Lewis, we were horrified to see that  two hire boats had snuck into “Our” pound, one on the lock landing in front and the other on the lock landing behind…  clearly both boats had been tipped off by their hire bases.   
When we left Tony & David were left hatching plans of sabotage. 
So Amanda and I went to collect David Lewis, David Carr had offered to go but was now too pissed.  
David Lewis had driven and we were leaving his car further along the canal for him to retrieve later on their departure, this car business is a novelty, we have never travelled with the car previously.  Its handy to have, but its a fiddle.   Having two cars to bunny hop along did end up making my brain hurt a bit.
By the time we three had returned having hidden his BMW, and eaten it was gone 11pm.   The men had thought of different ideas of stalling the hire boats in the morning but their favourite was for me to go out under cover of darkness, untie their ropes and retie them with some of my best knots!!!!  

Supper was Chilli con carne and my best fruity flapjack.

Few pictures from yesterday at Sells Green, cute bird nesting box (I didn't look to see if it had been used)

This house looked to me as it it had been airlifted in from France.

Even the garage looked French


  1. Under the impression!!! I think there is no doubt about it.

  2. I agree with Amanda!
    X Lesley