Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Good and twitty Painters

So we arrived back at Thrupp and Wal after a few days away.  Our daughter had finally moved into her own place and we jollied along to help paint over the olive green with white…  guess who stood on the roller?

He now calls these his High Vis cycling shoes

We returned to WaL in great weather and to make FULL use of the good weather we did this;

We played hide the car, this game is not a quick game, no indeed we took some time to choose a place away from people’s drive ways and view points from their lounges, close to houses but away from yoofs.  Actually David got rather bored playing this game and ended up saying 
“Just park the bloody thing!”

On the way back to Thrupp on bikes we visited Woodstock, not to Blenheim Palace but to the town museum.  Built in the spacious grounds and building of a town house there was a great photography exhibition of wildlife, insects animals and birds, pictures from as far away as China.  Then upstairs to learn about Woodstock’s history of Glove Making.  
A couple of artists with work on display here I really liked.  
Nick Schlee    HERE     and Oswald Couldrey    HERE     both of whom work I really liked, do you?

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Works above of Paul Schlee

Work of Oswald Couldrey

There was a lovely little café in the garden and the garden was a delight.  I wish you could smell these as we did.

The entire garden smelled go these.

Woodstock is impressive but of course knee deep in tourists, unlike myself as we didn’t arrive by car or coach.

Nor this.....!

Home,  (Eventually, David who tells me my map reading is bloody awful, took us the wrong way and we ended up cycling down the A44!!!!!) well it has had the pavement converted into a cycle track, eventually home to Wal, tea in Annie’s Tearooms, stories and jokes from  Maffi  HERE           supper, shower and bed.
Supper was ham and boiled egg salad, with extra salad cream, 
salads were made for it.

PS  I can inform you Reader that at long last and not a moment too late, Mr Lewis has had his BMW’s wheel fixed, so that marvellously fun game of tyre puffing up on windy rainy nights in the cold has finished, well until next time that is, currently that handbrake remains the same as in fit for hills Norfolk only, oh well you can’t have it all eh?

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