Monday, 18 August 2014

Questions and teapots,

These two photos were overlooked from yesterday but I thought worth including.

This is the list of all workers from Ashby alone who served in the First World War. Very touching, it lists what was their fate.

No words necessary!

So after a couple of days at Congerstone we left this morning and toddled off to the top of the Ashby.  A pretty run all the way except for the longish section through  woodland near the end which I find deadly dull but I accept that plenty of folk like trees.
The tunnel was empty, its one boat though at a time, no traffic lights or anything but as you can easily see right though it there’s no need.  Not busy at all this canal, its been lovely all the way along.

Entrance to the southern portal of the Shakerstone Tunnel.

We watered up at the end but neither the water point or the rubbish point were marked on our guide book.  The Ashby Canal Society have a wee booth here and a representative selling souvenirs and there is information on the canal, maybe you might call it a garden shed, the chappie there today was less than jolly, I called across nicely to ask him if there was a rubbish point, (I could see the red skip 50 yards away but I thought it may be for the moored boats here) he raised his head and pointed his finger in the shape of a gun “There” was his reply.  Maybe he is still on the list for his Customer Service Training Day.

Still I did the bins and in walking back past him I enquired if we could walk up and see the work in progress for the canal restoration “No its all blocked off” says he.  Reader he was so grumpy I simply had to keep asking questions…..too irresistible.  
Could he tell me the progress then?  Could we please use that gate there to exit onto the lane (There is no road access here at all) and so it went on.  I have to report that all ended happily as when David appeared and then asked pretty much the same questions…. Then David made a generous donation and it was if the sun came out all over his face.  We are now best friends.

The top of the Ashby Canal currently.

We did however decide not to moor here for the night as the road access was tricky, but to retrace our steps to the far end of the tunnel (Which goes under the entire length of the village) and moored on a nice straight section of armco, we were in full sun.
  We got the bikes out and cycled off to Measham.  Sadly the museum closed ten minutes before we arrived.  
TEAPOTS  click on Teapots to read about them.

This town is or rather was famous for the Measham Pottery.  We searched for any evidence of the canals former route… We couldn’t spot it.  We left.  
Hand on heart, I couldn’t really recommend you go visit Measham.

Skinny supper tonight were Beef burgers and salad, yes really some of them are low calorie!!

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