Sunday, 10 August 2014

Gold fish down the loo

Well as is not an uncommon occurrence these days, within hours the weather forecast had changed and the day full of heavy rain, didn’t.
My sister Melanie arrived by train to Rugby, we collected her á pied and went straight back to the boat to get in the sun.  She obeyed the request to travel light, unlike my daughter one time who was coming to the boat after visiting friends in Cambridge… "What ever you do don’t bring a suitcase!" I sent via text, email, what’s app and voicemail.   
“Too late!” she said as she trundled her suitcase along the towpath, “I’d already left.”  Now guests bringing suitcases really are a pain in the neck or their cases are anyway, we tripped over the thing all week and we are a bigger boat.

Well the day panned out to be a lovely one and we sat in the sun on deck whilst David drove on.  
So we carried on northwards in the general direction of Hawksbury Junction my very very very favourite pub.  So a journey of contrasts, of wooded stretches, open farmland and grotty scrubland 
but just around the corner were all the boats that had passed us this morning and pulled into go shopping at Tesco, it was a right bun fight, boats moored up both sides, pretty narrow and boats coming towards us. 
We crept through, Melanie and I enjoying the sun.  I did notice that the lights in Newbold tunnel are not working at all now, such a pity I feel, I really liked them.

I don’t know what other people are thinking at the moment as the lack of any 3G here is irritating, but the canals seem very quiet and this proved to be the case as we approached Hawksbury, instead of moored boats all along the approach, we moored on the grassy bends only about five boats down from Sutton Stop, its always been rammed when we have come past previously.  

It was a lovely evening, we had the last outside table in the sun and then Morris Men arrived at 8pm, my favourite.

I might get this for our bathroom here....!

Gongoozelling is such fun, this hirer was fine, the previous private made a right hash of the turn and crashed sideways into the wall.
My favourite fertility rite

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