Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sunny Sunday, maybe the last one for a while…

This is retrospectively written as Braunston, for us, is a modern communications “Blackhole”.
An arrangement had been made to show George and Sue, our hosts from last evening WaL this morning, they duly arrived nice and early for coffee leaving plenty of time for David to take my cycling to a viewpoint he had enjoyed about a month previously.  George and Sue are such good company that the time flew past and suddenly it was gone 11am, my mother always says “Eleven O’Clock and not a whore in the house dressed”. 

Farewells to George and Sue and we hope to see them in the near future as they live close to where we are going.
Bikes out, hats on, lets go.  No lets just stop while the tyre need pumping up again….   BMW comes to mind. 

The Braunston Tunnel is somewhere under there

Braunston looking lovely.

Eventually we found ourselves at The Rose at Willoughby, where David had the thickest juiciest and tender roast beef, and I had the freshest cod and chips, well Reader can you smell it…?  Don’t hesitate people, just go there!!

Later after a little bit more stuffing of scones cream and jam there was not much more activity going on.  I endeavoured to finish my book which was dreadful I don’t know why I carried on to page 384 without giving up.  
But reading in the last gasps of sunshine in the cratch, at Braunston is a great pleasure in life.  But choose a better better book.

Not sure I can name it with out it being sued for libel…?


  1. You can name it, because it's opinion. Otherwise, reviewers would be locked up left right and centre. However, you could be in trouble for calling libel liable!

  2. Thank you for corrections Adam!! I will edit.