Sunday, 10 August 2014

Boaty People are Lovely

So today we had to really move  further up the North Oxford Canal, grey and overcast it was so jackets were on and rain was expected.  A nice trip up to Hilmorton Locks, joining the second lock minutes after the first lock had been occupied by a set of grandparents with a pair of grandchildren aboard helping.  Smiley faces all around and another nice lady started filling my lock for me on one side, then as she arrived at the second of the three locks she opened the doors for David as I caught up…. Aren’t Boaters lovely people I say again?
So onward towards Rugby, and we moored up on a nice stretch of armco short of Rugby to play Supermarket Sweep at Tesco.  We went on bikes, two baskets and a rucksack and this is what we brought….
Two weeks worth of shopping, well maybe one week.

Even flowers arrived safely.
My sister is due to arrive tomorrow but the forecast is so bad that we may abandon plans as there is no point in her paying out a train fare to spend the time sitting in a boat reading…. Reassess in the morning.

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