Friday, 8 August 2014

Bikes Buzzards and drivel

Decisions decisions…. We couldn’t decide whether to sail off and cycle or cycle from here in Braunston and move the boat later.  In the end it was the former.  
Braunston was much much calmer than the weekend when with all the hire boats coming and going it had been non stop boats passing. Like Clapham Junction.

A whole bunch of CART volunteers sorting out the waist high thistles.  Good work men.

This unforgettable boat is now up for sale.

Leaving town, the ridged fields and iconic skyline.
 Off we went on a big trip.  It took well over thirty or forty minutes and we were there…. over looking lovely ridged meadows rolling down to the canal.

View out of my kitchen window, (See my gas hob there too?)

Now the ride that had been earmarked was one towards Napton, David had followed his nose about a month previously.  
A horrid non stop jolting all down the canal path to the right bridge then thank goodness onto the road and a nice pretty much car free ride to Willoughby then onto towards Priors Hardwick, the view was a great panorama of Napton-on-the-hill, the canal, the narrowboats, locks, buffalo and beyond.

No camera that day this this is the best my old iPhone could do.

Sitting in the sun on top of the hill we laid in the sun and watched a family of Common Buzzards on the wind soaring and swooping with the three youngsters calling out to mum and dad.  Lovely.

On  the return trip we went off course to look for Willoughby Cricket Club, its a small village that have rebuilt a great pavilion funding it all themselves which is a marvellous achievement.  We chatted to the Treasurer who had been there for 50 years and he had been invited to a celebratory dinner at Edgebaston.  
Ian Bell is from the next village too.

To get home again we had to do the ghastly mile over tree roots and rocks so the chairs out straight out in the sun. 

Evening view, hard to beat me thinks.

I am delighted to say this afternoon I finished that awful book.  Written by Santa Montefiore 'The house by the sea', unmitigated drivel.  


I love this boating malarky.


  1. Heard you are heading for the ashby , is that correct .if co might see you , we are heading that way .be down there next week
    Sharon (nb Oakapple)

    1. Hello Sharon,
      We shall look out for you both, no idea where we shall be though, we are making slow progress I can tell you!!

  2. We saw WAL moored in Braunston when we went through last a week ago Sunday on our way to Napton. Sorry we missed you! Great post and spectacular pictures. It;'s a job--this boating malarkey but someone has to do it. Thankfully it has fallen to us!
    Jaq and LesX

    1. Dear Jaq and Les,
      Hideous lack of 3G here.... I have loads of post to post!! We are so sorry to have missed you both last weekend. Braunston was manic I haven't seen it so busy before.
      Don't tell anyone but when I am home I really miss writing all this nonsense up. Its quite here, it was quiet the entire way up, I don't know where everyone is! We shall hook up again soon I hope, until then Happy Boating,
      Lisa xx