Thursday, 9 October 2014

Suits you Sir!

So Merry Hill has proved to be a most satisfactory stay.  The weather less so and has been inclement, we are up high on an embankment and the wind has blown overnight, we are against rubber but the boat has thwacked against it in the wind waking the author at regular intervals, whilst rocking his Nibbs like a baby keeping him asleep.  Reader it is most annoying to be the only one awake at night don’t you think?

On arrival David brushing off the mat keeping the washing the boat theme.
The next morning in-between monsoon downpours we ran into the shops.  Yes hard to believe but David came shopping.  This was primarily because it was all for him.  
Allow me to explain, we have a daughter, well several, one of which is getting married soon.  She has requested her father has a new suit.  This is because over the last two years or so David has lost a tad of weight, over two stones.  Needless to say he needs a new suit, he looked like he was wearing his dad’s on the last outing.  I did suggest we went to Milan to get a nice one but he settled on visiting Merry Hill.  

Well we had the most fantastic assistant.  Daniel, who knew all the cuts, all the colours, all the fittings and all the fabrics of every suit in the store.  I could have kissed him, Daniel that is not David.
To be on the safe side we brought three suits and a linen jacket with new trousers.
Daughter can choose. 

Later, after inward celebration on my part, we left the moorings and continued.  It was blustery and showers happened but we were off.  
Now we are Rookies to this area, and the Nicholson’s guides seem to have their limits with regards to water points and moorings but having consulted real experts we were confident of getting water at least.  
As we trollied along I phone two boatyards that we would be passing, the first lady said she was closing at 4pm and their pump out machine worked intermittently and you never could tell….  The second one phone line was not working.  
We were getting towards needing a pump out, so decided we would play it by ear.  We approached the first one and the sign said closed even though it was only 2:30pm.  Into the Netherton Tunnel. 

The Netherton Tunnel from the south, see both side there is a path, the left side appeared to have a gate shut.

This is exiting, see the gat on the left side is open.

Looking back.  David in shorts gloves and heavy weight fleece.

It has a tow path both sides.  We went in from the south side but the left side was gated off at the entrance.  Much further in there was a faint light, a pedestrian was ambling along in the pitch dark with a torch, well it takes all sorts.  Much later on there was a family walking along inside with a buggy!!!!  Not my idea of a outing but there you are.   
Forty minutes later and we were out and I saw that the left side entrance of the tow path was open, so it would be possible to walk the 1 3/4 miles and then find your exit barred.  How upsetting would that be eh?

The second boatyard was near, there was a diesel pump near the entrance however it was situated in a tricky position, right by a brick bridge, with boats sticking out in front through the bridge, now in a high wind and well, we decided to pass by.

Up the three locks at Wood Street Footbridge Factory to bring us onto the higher Wolverhampton level from the Birmingham Main Line.  Turn left and two seconds later Tipton moorings.  Hardly any boats here.  We were both cold by now as summer ended this morning.  

Showers, supper of cauliflower cheese and sausages and a rather nice Merlot.  Quick quick David, Strictly is starting.


  1. Lisa, do you think David would be kind enough to model all his new outfits on the blog? We could all vote for our favourite!

  2. I think this is a marvellous idea. However, I had enough trouble getting him in them the first time. He will do it for that girl of his me thinks.