Monday, 6 October 2014

Burgers and strawberry flavoured cider!

Kinver to Wolverley.

Non stop sunshine to be had here and it just makes you smile.  We left glorious Kinver this morning after David had washed the back end of the boat then scrubbing the back deck and finally polishing all of it.  A good days work.

This is the pretty picnic raised area that during our stay only we used.

So off we went due south into full sunshine.   We headed to Wolverley, where we moored up prior to the lock on armco but as it was a bit overgrown we did some gardening.  That is to say Reader I got out the shears and cut the grass.  I like to encourage other boaters to do the same so that when the grass cutting contractors return here they might extend their range and keep cutting back for boaters in the future.

Forgive the quality but this was off of my phone.

This lock reminds me of the Dordogne in flavour.

We got the bikes out and cycled to Wolverley old village.  The church is set high up on a hill with the village below it, sadly it was locked.  
Immediately below the church are more caves that were in the past used for houses.  These here have not been restored and most of them remain closed off I suppose for safety reasons.  But others have been used by current home owners for extra storage. 

This is now part of a private school here.

Caves now boarded up but the lady in the tearooms said she used to take her children here on Halloween to read ghost stories...

Houses built back into the rock

Handy exterior cellar.

We whizzed back to the canal and the lock here and right next to the lock is a pub.  The pub’s garden is partly cut into the sandstone cliff here so it was very sheltered, it faced west so in full sun and it just seemed silly not to have a drink here bearing in mind the boat was moored up in the shadow of tall trees. Food was being served all around us and  frankly it just seemed very silly not to partake.  It has a lot of  beef burgers on the menu, something David loves.  They raise their own beef on their own farm.  The prices were very very reasonably and frankly it just seemed silly not to.  We were both very pleased that we did and really enjoyed them.  With the sun, the views across the fields, the church in the near distance and good food on the table, I ask you, why go aboard?

Everyone was drinking this.

WaL the next morning passing by this lovely pub

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